Top 10 Posts of 2016

How is it already the last day of 2016? Many people think it has been a bad year and it has had its ups and downs, but overall for me it hasn’t been too bad. And these features will show you all the fun things I’ve been up to this year that are the crowd favorites.

Top 10 Posts of 2016 by The Benson Street

10. Bacon Cheese Burger Chowder – This is a favorite recipe for cool days. It is comfort food at its finest. Why not grab some fresh rolls or serve it in a bread bow.

9. DIY Gilmore Girls Shirt – Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? I loved re-watching the original series and then savoring the revival all while wearing this cute shirt.

8. Black Forest Jar Cakes – These cakes are adorable! They come in self serve jars and are easy to assemble. Did I mention that they are delicious.

7. Honey Bunches of Oats Baked Chicken Nuggets – Make chicken nuggets exciting again with this simple and delicious crunchy recipe using cereal.

6. The Santa Clause Inspired Hot Chocolate Mix – Christmas may be over, but there are many cold nights ahead to enjoy this hot chocolate mix.

5. 15 Pretty Free Handwriting Fonts – I love fonts, but I hate to pay for them. So I rounded up my FREE handwriting fonts. Use them for all your fun projects.

4. Printable Dumbledore Quote Bookmark – It wouldn’t be a great year without some Harry Potter posts. One of my favorite quotes from the books all wrapped up in a printable bookmark!

3. Easy Homemade Cheesecake – My mom and grandmother have been making this cheesecake for years. It is pretty simple to make and so yummy!

2. Newt Scamander Case Bag – Fantastic Beasts and where to find them was AMAZING! I loved it and this bag is inspired by the case in the movie. 

1. 2016 Summer Fun Activity Calendar – Last, but not least the top post of the year was my fun summer fun activity calendar. It is a great way to keep the kids busy all year long by having a special activity for each day of the summer.

How was your year? Did anything fun happen? Or what are you looking forward to in 2017?


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