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I have been sharing lots of baby ideas lately. Hopefully they can help others who are preparing for a new addition. A big thank you to my friend Kathleen who is sharing this post with us today.


Room Makeover: Space Saving Baby’s Room

If you have decided to change the look of the room due to the new member of your family – do not panic. Even if the rooms in your home are not so spacious, indisputably, there is at least one of them that could be renovated and prepared for your lovely baby.

In case you want cost effective and space saving room makeover, this piece of article will supply you with innovative ideas how to do this in an effective way. Every parent wants to ensure the utmost comfort for their babies and it is more than normal if you feel a little anxious while you search for the most appropriate decision, concerning the look of the baby’s room. Read the following lines to be acquainted with the best ideas for the complete baby’s room makeover that will save you up a lot of space.

Supply the Rooms with Curtains

Use curtains to make the room more private and to divide the room in an excellent way. If you cannot afford the renovation of a new room for your baby, you can sheer suitable curtains and to separate your sleeping area from the space designated for your baby. Of course, this a temporarily decision but it is cost effective decision that could guarantee the comfort for your baby, at least for the first months. My personal advice is to avoid the opaque curtains but to trust the light colours that will create the impression of a more spacious room.


Use Large Furniture to Divide the Space

In case you want to ensure baby’s space makeover in your room, you can also try to divide it by using a large furniture. If you really lack space, you can turn your bed so that it looks toward the window and to situate a piece of large furniture among the bed and the baby’s space. Secure the furniture and then start with the decorations in the new baby’s space. This option is particularly comfortable if your bedroom is wide enough to be separated both for you and for all the furniture required for a baby room.

Use the Wall Space Wisely

When you want to save up space, you need to pay attention to every detail that could be useful. When I think of a wall space, the first idea that occurrs to me is to make an improvised closet for the clothes of your baby. If you are sharing the same room, you can arrange both your clothes and those of the baby. In this way you will make more space in your closet. Another option is to situate additional bar in your closet that will facilitate the arrangement of the clothes according their type and colour.


Use Light Colours for the Decorations of the Baby’s Space

If the baby’s room is not wide enough and you still wonder which are the most appropriate decorations, I suggest you trust the light colours. Traditionally, light colours make the room or the space look larger than it actually is. You can follow the same idea with the furniture and to pick up the crib and the rocking chair in a similar, light colours.

Whether you can afford more spacious room for your baby or not, just make sure that the space is well cleaned from the dirt and dust on a regular basis. After all, the health of your infant stands on a major place, so do not underestimate such important details. After you have finished with the decorations and renovations, clean the space with suitable products and prepare everything with love for your lovely baby.

The article is contributed by Kathleen who works for TenancyCleaning Balham.


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