Here Comes the Sun: Change your decor settings to Hot! {Summer Decor}

I am so excited to have Eva Stephen sharing some great ideas today. You can read more of her stuff at her blog, Home Interior Tips.

It is late but it is on its way! Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to set your home décor to HOT! A few simple and subtle changes can help you to get your home completely summer ready in time to appreciate the good weather to the full.

Add summer colours to your kitchen

With warmer weather no-one wants to eat heavy complicated meals. Opt for seafood and cold meats and make plenty of fresh salads. Invest in a beautiful fruit bowl and keep it topped up with tempting and brightly coloured fruit. Not only will this help the whole family to stay healthy but it provides a gorgeous splash of colour to the room. Keep plenty of ice cubes in the freezer and invest in a jug and tumbler set ready to refresh visitors and family members alike. Treat yourself to a new set of brightly coloured tea-towels and maybe even a summery apron to inspire you when preparing meals! The modern aprons range at Cooking Gorgeous may go with your style and the summer season.


Living it up with summer brights

Cheerful colours, especially yellow, pinks and bright blues add a sizzling element to every room. Update cushion covers, exchange heavy winter throws for light cotton spreads and put vases of flowers into every room. Woolen fabrics give way to sturdy cotton drill and cool satin in the area of soft furnishings. If you want a dramatic change for only a small outlay change out your thick winter curtains for light, bright ones that will move softly in the breeze. Vibrant floral patterns add punch and life to an otherwise plain room, while small delicate details add charm. If those thick throws are hiding flaws and damage in the furniture, seek inspiration at Their range of modern furniture is comprehensive and you are sure to find the ideal piece.




Summer comfort in the bedroom

Now is the time to rearrange your bedroom, moving the bed a little further away from the radiator and toward the window, to take advantage of the extra hours of daylight and a cool breeze for those very hot days. Change duvet covers and pillow cases from winter flannelette to crisp cotton and use lighter colours to create the illusion of coolness. Soft baby blue, light pink and even bright leafy green are fabulous bedroom colours for the summer months.



Spruce up the outdoors too!

With long warm days hopefully in the offing it is best to get your garden looking good too, just in case you want to spend leisurely hours sunbathing and relaxing, or gardening and playing with the children. If your lawn seems a bit dull, you can brighten it up with the addition of brightly coloured wind-catchers and sun-catchers can sparkle joyously from trees, shrubs and even the eaves of the house. The sun catcher products at Swanwick Studio are just marvelous. You should give it look to get some for your lawn.


We have all had a long cold winter and it will soon be time to enjoy the sunshine. Make sure you and your home are ready to go the moment the sun shows its smiling face!



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