Scrappy Office Chair Makeover

Aren’t things a lot more fun when they are cute, fun and express personality? I like to think so. I’m trying to add personality all over my craft room with cute touches like ribbon wire baskets and this fun office chair makeover! Just scraps of fabric and a little sewing will transform a boring office chair into something beautiful.

Super adorable office chair makeover at

Here is a little before and after picture. I found this office chair at a thrift store and scored it for a couple of dollars. Then using scraps of fabric I transformed it!Office Chair Makeover Before and After at thebensonstreet.comThe before was drab and gray. To get started I removed the back of the chair by unscrewing it.

Chair Makeover Before at


Here are the scraps that I used. I had some left over from an apron and other projects. Let me give you a little outline of what is needed for this project.

  • fabric scraps (some will need to be larger for the ones to cover the chair)
  • staple gun and staples
  • ric rac
  • tulle
  • sewing machine
  • needle & thread


Scrappy Chair Makeover Supplies at

To cover the bottom of the chair I used a larger piece of fabric (you need a least one larger scrap) and a staple gun to staple it to the base. Carefully smooth fabric as stapling around the bottom. This part needs to have two people. One to staple and one to hold the fabric in place. Go around the entire base. 

Funky Chair Makeover at

Cut off the excess fabric and use hot glue if needed to glue up any spots that hang down a little.

Easy Chair cover at

To cover the top, trace the outline on a piece of newspaper to make a pattern.

DIY Chair cover at

Fold the fabric in half with right sides together and cut around the pattern, leaving some seam allowance. Pin together both sides of the fabric. Folding them together makes it easier to start sewing immediately. 

Cute Chair Cover at

Pin and sew around the sides and top, but not the bottom of the outline. Sew with a straight stitch, backstitching at the beginning and end. Clip around the corners, being careful not to snip the seams, but it will make it easier to to turn it and fit well around the corners.

Sew Your own chair cover at

Turn the cover inside out to sew on the embellishments.


To make the ruffle Use the same method I used in this Ruffle Halloween Garland. Use a long thin piece of fabric. Fold it in half and make sure that it is the thickness you would like.Ruffle Chair Tutorial at thebensonstreet.comPin the ruffle and ric rac to the back of the top cover. Fold over the edges of the ric rac to make the edges look finished.

Beautiful Office Chair Makeover at

Top stitch the ruffle and ric rac to the back of the cover. Remember to back stitch at the start and end.

Cute Ruffled Office Chair Makeover at

When the ruffle is all sewn it should look like this.

Fun Scrappy Chair Makeover at

I love these easy ruffle pinwheel flowers. Start with a two to three inches wide and about 15 inches long (vary the size to make larger and smaller flowers). Fold the strip in half. Sew a running stitch on the loose edges all the way to the end. Pull the thread tight and form into a flower. Tie a knot at the middle of the flower.

Chair Makeover Flower at thebensonstreet.comI used a combination of two ruffle flowers and tulle to finish off the ruffle. Using hot glue I glued on the tulle and then the flowers with button centers.Ruffle Detail Fun with Office Chair Remake at

Let the glue dry and then fit the cover on the chair back portion.

Scrappy Chair Covering at

Fold the ends in and pin it nice and tight.

Fun Office Chair Recovering at thebensonstreet.comUsing a whip stitch, stitch the bottom of the back cover closed. Here is a video of the whip stitch.

Using the Whip Stitch to recover a chair at thebensonstreet.comThe last thing to do is poke a small hole where each screw should go through the back of the chair and screw the back onto the chair base! Tada! A beautiful office chair makeover!Scrappy Office Chair Makeover at

I just love how it turned out! It is so fun and lovely. I love walking into my craft room and sitting in this fun new office chair. Adorable Office Chair Makeover from scrap fabric at

What is your favorite part of your craft room or office space?

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