Wire Baskets with Ribbons

I shared this awesome tutorial to spruce of wire baskets with ribbon over at The Ribbon Retreat.

Now I’m super excited to share it with you!

Wire Baskets with Ribbon

This tutorial uses ribbon to make wire baskets ten times cuter. Plus, it hides clutter in the baskets.

Here is what I used:

  • Ribbon (I used a Striped Ribbon, probably about 10 yards for each basket, depending on size. Measure and do the math to make sure you have enough)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Wire baskets

Wire Basket Redo Supplies
To get started I measured the ribbon around the whole basket. Mine was larger at the top so I went with that measurement.

Wire Basket Redo

Then cut a piece of ribbon for each row of squares going from top to bottom. Mine had eight, so I cut eight strips of ribbon.

Ribbon Wire Baskets

Start on the back and leave a small piece out. Weave in and out around the whole basket.

Weaved Ribbon Baskets Redo

Make sure to fix the ribbon as it is weaved in and out of the basket. Don’t let it get bunched up for folded in half. It is easier to fix the ribbon as you go than to go back and fix it after it is weaved around the basket.

Weaved Ribbon Wire Baskets

Once the ribbon has been weaved all the way around. Use glue to attach the ribbon together. Make sure it matches the pattern of the weaving. I think it is easier to have it over the wire when gluing.

Ribbon Weaved Wire Baskets See how it came together nicely in the back so it isn’t distracting on the sides or in the front.

Easy wire basket redo with ribbon

Keep weaving each row all the way to the bottom row. I kept my ends in the same places so they would all be in a row.

Ribbon Weaved Baskets

A couple things to watch out for. After the first ribbon has been weaved, follow that pattern. Some of the time, I got distracted and then realized that I had messed up the pattern. See the third row. It just doesn’t match the other two.

The other option is to make every other row opposite. Just be sure to have a pattern, so it looks good when finished.

Ribbon Weaved Wire Baskets Tips

Another tip, on the ends make sure there are no snags on the ends of the ribbon. Cut those off to have a better finished look.

Weaved Ribbon Basket Tutorial

One all the rows are completed it’s all done! 

Finished Ribbon Wire Basket

I wanted to eliminate the clutter of all the things I put in my baskets. I wanted my craft room to be an oasis. By using this technique on my wire baskets, I feel that everything looks more put together.

Basket Tutorial

Here is the finished basket. I like how the ribbon looks flowy and gives the baskets great texture.

Wire Baskets with Ribbon Tutorial

I didn’t cover the bottom, but it could be covered for a little more finished look.

Striped Ribbon Wire Baskets

I tried a one ribbon row on a larger basket. This is a great way to add some flair to a basket without having to do so much work.

Easy Wire Basket Upcycle with Ribbon

I love how they turned out. They definitely hide the clutter that I don’t want see and add a great pop of color.

Wire Baskets with Ribbons Tutorial

Stay tuned for the rest of my great craft room updates!



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