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Welcome to my friend Kathleen, she is sharing with you an easy tutorial for how to create a fabric flower headband. This is a perfect post for my pre-maternity leave because I need to get making some of these cute headbands for my little lady!

If you want to create your own fabric flower hair band you can do it with a few simple and easy to find materials. Here you will learn how to make a fabric flower hair band using two trips of your favorite piece of textile, a metal or plastic hair band and a small quantity of glue. For creating your hand-made fabric flower hair band you won’t need a sewing machine.


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Medium weight cotton fabrics are best for making hand-made hair bands. An old hair band or a simple new one bought from the store, two pieces of long and thin fabric (each one should be two inches wide), a needle, threat, pinking shears and fine quality glue for fabric are the materials and instruments you need.

Cut along the edges of each one of the pieces of fabric with the pinking shears. Cover the head band with the strip of fabric, enveloping and securing it using small quantity of fabric glue. Cover every side of the hair band and apply glue, making it tight enough. Wait a minute for the glue to stick well. Secure the strip on  the hair band well with glue, paying more attention on its ends.

Then take the second strip of fabric. With a needle and the necessary length of thread make a knot at the end of the other piece of fabric. Now start to twist the strip until you twist around 1.5 inches of it. Then coil the fabric round the node, stitching the flower from below to secure the coil. Continue to twist, coil and stitch until you make a rosette with the size you want. A 2.2 inches large in diameter flower is enough, but you can make the flower larger to be more distinctive. The cloth will become a little worn but this won’t spoil the flower at all. Cut the excess quantity of  cloth and stitch to make it tight enough.

Put a drop of glue in the back of the rosette. Then put some glue on the place in your hair band where the flower will be glued and wait a minute before pressing the flower to the hair band. The time you should wait before pressing the two items depends on the glue you use. Read its instructions before using it. Let it dry for some time. You can decorate your flowers as you wish: with beads, feathers or however you decide.

You can make a flower from fabric, hot glue with a metal or plastic hair band. You will need some straps of fabric. The longer the pieces are, the bigger your flowers will be. Make a knot at the end of the strap, folding the rest of the fabric in half. Then wrap the folded strap around the knot or fold and wrap around the knot at the same time. Glue the end of the strap with a few drops of hot glue. Pay more attention when applying hot glue on light fabric, because accidental drops can make the fabric yellow. Make as many flowers as you wish, enough for your hair strap. Now you can glue the flowers directly into the metal or plastic hair band. Apply hot glue on the hair band and press the back of your flower to it. You can make flowers of different colours and sizes and alternate them white next to pink, small next to big ones, etc. You can even glue beads between the roses.

If you want to have your own hand-made flower hair band, use these simple steps to make them. The materials you will need are easy to find in most stores and aren’t expensive.

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