FREE Happy Birthday Tags Printable: Bonus Cards & Flags

I’m always needing Happy birthday tags for my kids, other family members and friends. I love using these birthday tags printable set with cute designs and witty phrases for the perfect touch to a birthday gift.

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Pastel Birthday Tags Set: A soft and charming assortment of tags with pastel colors and gentle birthday wishes, perfect for a subtle and sweet birthday celebration.

Are you tired of searching for the perfect gift tag or birthday card every time you need to wrap a present? Look no further! Free printable birthday gift tags are here to save the day. These charming tags are not only convenient but also so cute! I love the colors, and that they can be used to dress up a gift bag or box.

Why You’ll Love This Idea

Convenience: With printable birthday tags, you can say goodbye to last-minute trips to the store for gift tags. Simply print them at home whenever you need them, saving time and hassle. Winning in my book. I always need a tag, so I will print a bunch out and keep them with my wrapping paper.

Personalization: Add a unique flair to your gifts by customizing the printable tags with the recipient’s name, a heartfelt message, or even a funny joke. It’s a simple way to make your presents stand out and show that you’ve put thought into every detail.

clip board with balloons and confetti in background. Paper on clipboard that says birthday flags, tags, and cards

Different Designs Included

Here are the different styles and phrases included on the happy birthday gift tags.

  1. Make a wish!
  2. Hooray it’s your day!
  3. Everybody gets cake!
  4. Eat all the cake!
  5. You take the cake!
  6. Make a wish
  7. Confetti, candles, and cake, Oh My!
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. Yippee!
  10. Yay!
  11. Cheers!
  12. Party!
  13. Cake Day!
  14. It’s My Party!
  15. Happy Happy Happy
  16. In My Birthday Era (a little nod to Taylor Swift)

These colorful birthday gift tags come in three different colors, pink, purple, and a pretty blue. Use these different tags as the perfect finishing touch to a birthday gift.

Stack of free printable happy birthday tags

How to Use the Printable

Using printable birthday tags is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download: Enter your email address in the download form below. The digital download printable pdf file will be delivered to your email inbox within minutes. 
  2. Print: Once you’ve chosen your favorite design, then print it out on card stock or label paper for durability. If you don’t have a printer at home, feel free to print off at your local print shop on letter size paper.
  3. Cut: Carefully cut out each tag along the designated lines using scissors or a paper cutter.
  4. Attach: After wrapping your gift, punch a hole in the tag using a hole punch and attach it to the package with ribbon, twine, or adhesive.
Pages of the free printable birthday tags laying on top of each other.

Ideas for Using the Printable

Here are a few ideas for using these birthday tags printable. Let your imagination run wild as you find your own unique ways to use them.

  • Themed Parties: Coordinate your printable birthday tags with the theme of the birthday party for a cohesive look. You can definitely base your party theme off these cute tags, using the colors for inspiration.
  • Gift Baskets: Add a special touch to gift baskets by attaching printable tags to each item. It’s a simple way to elevate the presentation and make the recipient feel extra special.
  • Homemade Treats: If you’re gifting homemade goodies like cookies or preserves, use free printable gift tags to label each treat with love.
  • Matching Wrapping Paper: Find wrapping paper that will work well with the colors of these tags for the best results of a cohesively wrapped gift.
pages of birthday tags printables laying on a background with birthday candles.

Variations for Using the Printable

There are so many ways to use these cute tags, here are a few creative ideas to get you started on using the cute printable gift tags for birthdays:

  • Different Shapes: Experiment with different tag shapes, such as rectangles, circles, or squares, to find the perfect style for your gifts.
  • Birthday Banner: Use the flag shaped tags in the pdf format file to make a mini birthday banner for the top of a cake or to string up as part of birthday party decor.
  • Birthday Flags: Cute out the min flags to stick in drinks, or attach tags to a stick or skewer and place in a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers.
  • Birthday Wrapping Kit: Make it easy for someone to wrap gifts with this cute idea. Print out a bunch of the set of tags on bright white cardstock, cut, punch a hole in the top, and place them in a bag. Pair with wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, baker’s twine, and any other fun wrapping essentials you can think of. Great for a bridal shower or other practical gift idea.
a page of printable tags and flags for birthdays with a pencil on top.

Common Questions About the Free Printable Birthday Tags

Are printable birthday tags free? 

Yes, this bundle of tags is a completely free digital file that you can use for the perfect way to dress up your gifts.

What kind of paper should I use to print the tags? 

White Cardstock or label paper works best for printable tags, as they are durable and hold up well when attached to gifts. Although you can use regular printer paper to print out the free printable tags, if that is all you have, the tags will not be as sturdy but will work in a pinch.

Can the tags be printed smaller?

Yes, adjust the settings on your printer to print smaller tags. You can scale down the size or print two pages to one sheet for smaller sized tags.

birthday hats with printable birthday tags on top

My Favorite Printable Supplies:

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  • Printer: I love my HP Home Printer, it prints beautifully everytime no matter what projects I am working on.
  • Paper: Depending on the durability you want with your printables, consider printing on white card stock or high quality paper.
  • Laminator: For printables you are planning to use over and over again, simply laminate and use dry erase markers to mark up the printables.
  • Paper Cutter: I love my CARL Paper Cutter. It makes trimming and cutting out printables a breeze.
  • Sticker Paper: When printing tags or other free printables, sticker paper can make it easy to attach to gifts, boxes, or to make your own stickers.
two pages of purple, blue, and pink printable birthday tags.

Download the Modern Birthday Gift Tags Here:

Please remember my printables are free for classroom use or personal use only. You may not sell or distribute the printable or digital file. If you wish to share the digital files, please refer friends to the link of this blog post where they can sign up to receive the free printable directly in their inbox.

A page of birthday tags available for a free printable download.

Make gift-giving a breeze with a cute set of birthday tags printable. With their convenience, personalization options, and versatility, these happy birthday tags are sure to become a staple in your gift-wrapping arsenal. Say goodbye to generic store-bought tags and hello to thoughtful, customizable creations. Download your favorite printable tag template today and elevate your gift-giving game!

Ready to add a personal touch to your gifts? Download your free printable birthday tag template now and get creative!

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