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Are you like me and you are still scrambling to get gifts for everyone. Normally I think I am done with at least my husband by now, but not this year. I am just a little behind. I blame it on how late Thanksgiving was this year. Anyone with me? So I decided to throw together a quick and easy neighbor gift, plus a free printable tag!

Printable Neighbor Gift Tag and Idea at A couple of weeks ago when I was shopping at the dollar store and picked up some great stuff, like these cupcake wrappers and a cake mix. This gift is under $3 to put together. I grabbed a couple and I am so glad I did. It never fails that I don’t think of about ten people I want to give a little something something to and so does the Mr. This year he was actually ahead of the game and told me he wanted to do gifts for some people. 

Printable Neighbor Gift Tag at

I’m glad I whipped up a few of these. They are a perfect gift. I love how the simple tag could be used with anything “SWEET.” The printable tag would work on a candy bar, cookies, homemade caramels, anything to satisfy the sweet tooth. Attach the tag with some baker’s twine or pretty ribbon. 

Cake Mix and Printable Gift Tag at

Give them to teachers, friends, co-workers and neighbors. I love spreading a little holiday cheer! What I love about the cake mix idea is that it can be saved for after the holidays. I know for us we get so much sugar during holidays, so this cake mix will be great for the long winter months to come.

Cake Mix Neighbor Gift Idea at

Now for those adorable free printable tags!!!

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Download here: Sweet Christmas Tags


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