Back to School Gusher’s Classroom Gift Tag Printable

Easy Back to School Classroom Gift using Gushers with printable at

Hello there, back to school time, where did the time go! I always love school supplies, fall and fresh starts. To start of the year right have a little fun with this back to school classroom gift plus free printable! I love Gushers! They are yummy and a simple way to for kids to share something special with their classmates or teacher.

Easy Back to School Classroom Gift Idea using Gushers at

What you will need to whip up this classroom gift project:

Quick Back to School Classroom Gift at

Grab the kids and get creating with these simple steps!

  1. Cut out tags or have your child cut them out. Great to get back in practice!
  2. Staple or use washi tape to attach the tags. I used staples and created a cute “X” shape with them or use regular tape. Anything will work!
  3. Give to classmates or teachers. Help everyone get excited for a new year!!!

Fun Gushers Classroom Gift with printable from

This is simple idea, but could be a great way for a shy child to make friends with other kids in the classroom. Or if you don’t want to make one for the whole class, a teacher always likes to be given some attention. A small dose of sugar might be just what a teacher needs on the first day of school.

Fun Back to School Idea at

It might be a great idea to teach a child about making friends and how to be nice to everyone through sharing. Hopefully, this will help ease back into school.

What do you do to help your child be excited for the first day of school?

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