Tips for Throwing a Large Family Birthday Party and free printable

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Some people have small families and some have large families. Not that we have a particularly large family, but we just have all of our family living within a 20 minute drive. So when we have a birthday everyone wants to come. It is a lot of fun, but can be overwhelming. Today I’m sharing my tips for throwing a large family birthday party, oh and a free printable birthday tag for cakes or gifts!

Tips for Throwing a Large Family Birthday Party


Birthday parties normally have cake and ice cream. With so many mouths to feed, opt for some variety in dessert options. Instead of just serving the old stand by of cake and ice cream, give some other options. A Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cake is a NEW yummy and delicious way to celebrate. You can find them at Walmart and Print out the coupon below (or check your Valpak for the same coupon in your mail) to save some money. Some of my family members are all about ice cream cakes. This was perfect for our most recent family birthday party. Those who wanted ice cream cake got it and I only had to go to Walmart to pick up cake, ice cream, and this Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cake. I’m all about the one top stop.

The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cakes are available in Bunny Tracks and Vanilla Bean Blondie.

Other options are root beer floats, pie, two kinds of cake, cookies. If you are feeding a crowd for dinner as well think of options that feed a crowd. Pulled pork sandwiches, pizza, etc. Also, enlist family members to bring a side, drinks or other food items.

Use Paper Plates

Am I the only one who hates dishes? I mean seriously my dreaded chore. When you have lots of family coming for a party be sure to have paper plates and plastic silverware on hand. This makes for easy clean up in the dish department! 

Take lots of photos

A party is a perfect time to get photos with the family. Maybe your grandma or great grandpa are visiting. This is the perfect time for a photo op. Get a generational photo or have all the cousins get together for a snap shot. Photos are a great way to remember parties.

Don’t Stress

This is mostly for me. I tend to get caught up in the drama of a party. Just remember it is a birthday party! The kids will have fun. Serve something the birthday girl or boy loves and relax. 

Another way I keep calm is by keeping my party to a certain area of my home or having the party at a park. This way I don’t have to worry about a big mess all over.

Do you have any tips to add? What has worked for you in throwing a large family birthday party?

Get your free printable Happy Birthday Tag!

Click the link below to get your free printable. This printable is free for personal use only. Use it as a tag on a birthday gift, stick it on top of  cake, or make a little happy birthday banner.

Happy Birthday Tag Printable

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