Pregnant at Disneyland? Tips for enjoying a trip to Disneyland while pregnant

If you read about Baby Boy’s birth story then you will know I found out we were pregnant right before heading to Disneyland. I was bummed about missing out on the rides, excited that we were taking Miss JJ who loves everything Mickey, excited about a baby and I had no idea what to expect. I decided to share my tips for being pregnant at Disneyland!

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Tips for enjoying a trip to Disneyland while pregnant

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1. Confirm Pregnancy with your Doctor

I was pretty early on in my pregnancy when we visited the parks, but I wanted to know for sure that I was pregnant. I headed to the doctor to do a blood test. It came back positive, but I was earlier than I thought due to ovulating later than usual. We were trying to get pregnant, but if we weren’t pregnant, I was going to enjoy all of the fun! The blood test confirmed my pregnancy, so I needed to be careful about what I would enjoy at the parks.

2. Ask your doctor for guidelines

Be sure to get a clearcut idea of what you can and can’t ride while at the parks. I was a little bit sad that I wasn’t going to get to experience all the rides. Then I spoke with my doctor. I was very early in my pregnancy and due to that I could only ride about five rides (I thought I’d be able to ride way more than that). I cried a little, but a baby is way worth missing out on some rides and a great excuse to have to head back to Disneyland quickly.

So depending on how far along you are and other complications or personal health history could affect what rides you can enjoy. Prepare before you go so you aren’t tempted to sneak on a ride if you aren’t 100% sure if it is a yes or no for you.

3. Check for Pregnancy friendly rides

There is a list of pregnancy friendly rides right here to help guide you along with your doctor’s recommendations. 

Ultimately, you have to decide what you feel comfortable with. I’ve been to Disneyland quite a few time before and knew most of the rides and what fit within the parameters my doctor had given me. If you aren’t sure do some research on the rides and I would send my husband on a ride if I hadn’t been on it before and he would tell me how it compared to other rides.

4. Enjoy the food

After following some of my favorite Disney Instagrammers, like I’m Going 2 Disney, Disney Hungry, and Disney Tasty, I’ve realized there are sooooo many choices for delicious meals and treats. 

Pregnant at Disneyland? Tips for enjoying a trip to Disneyland while pregnant from #disneyland #disneylandandpregnant #disneytips #disneylandtips #thebensonstreet #pregnancy #disneylandandpregnant

Check out all of these yummy Instagram accounts to get an idea of what you want to try. My personal favorites are churros, Dole Whips and Mickey waffles. I remembered eating all of the yummy things to compensate for not being able to enjoy all the rides.

Pregnant at Disneyland? Tips for enjoying a trip to Disneyland while pregnant from #disneyland #disneylandandpregnant #disneytips #disneylandtips #thebensonstreet #pregnancy #disneylandandpregnant

5. Enjoy shows and other attractions

When I’ve thought of Disneyland and California Adventure in the past, I’ve focused on the rides, but there is seriously so much more to do than just rides. There are a galore of attractions to enjoy that have no restrictions. A nice place to cool off is Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln on main street. In California Adventure there is Frozen Live at the Hyperion. Both parks have loads of shows, parades, photo ops, characters to meet, tours to take and so much more! Enjoy these things while your family and friends are waiting in line for a ride you’ll need to skip.

6. Don’t forget to take a break

I enjoyed sitting in the shade and looking at how elaborate and real everything looks. Cars Land in California Adventure is just the cutest and just like the movie. In the picture below I’m relaxing in Adventureland. Drink water, sit down and just bask in all things Disney. Disneyland while pregnant can be really fun! 

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