Twinkie Printable Minion Valentine: You’re One in a Minion

This is a simple craft to make a “You’re One in a Minion” heart valentine with free printable minion valentine tag.

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Are you starting to see hearts everywhere? Cause I am and so are some of My Favorite Bloggers!!! We’ve brought you 13 awesome heart projects! I’m sharing an adorable printable heart minion valentine using a Twinkie. It is adorable!

Easy Printable Minion Valentine at copy

Can you believe all those amazing heart ideas (see below). I’m sure there is a little something for everyone in all of these heart projects. Mine might be more for the kids (or the kids at heart). I came up with this idea while watching my niece. She is obsessed with minions. Except she calls them minis and always wants to watch them. She just cracks up laughing. I knew this project passed the test when she called it a minion and wouldn’t give it back.

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 What you will need:

Make your own minion valentines with twinkies at

How to Make a Valentine Twinkie Minion:

Here are the step by step instructions to make this adorable Minion Valentine.

  1. Start by cutting out a gray circle and then a white one that is smaller than the gray circle.
  2. Glue the white circle to the gray circle.
  3. Add a pupil using a Sharpie.
  4. Cut a small black strip long enough to go around the Twinkie.
  5. Wrap the small black strip around the top of the Twinkie. Gluing it to the back of the Twinkie and then together.
  6. Glue the eye on the front of the black strip.
  7. Add a small half smile on the Twinkie wrapper.
  8. Glue the heart valentine to the Twinkie and it is all done!

Easy Minion Heart Valentine at

In the end it should look like this. These are perfect to give to classmates, friends, and kids.

Adorable Minion Twinkie Valentine at

I love that it looks like a minion, but it didn’t have to be super complicated. I love that it is just the eye and a smile that make it work. It is a perfect valentine project for the kids. Get them tracing circles and cutting them out and gluing. Or use a hole punch and a small circle punch to make it easier. They will love these minions, I promise!

Printable Minion Heart Valentine at

I even got the “You’re one in a Minion,” idea from my cute nieces minion shirt. She basically inspired this whole project.

You're One in a Minion Valentine Idea at

Grab your minion Twinkies and pop in some Despicable Me while you check out the rest of these heart projects.

Here is the printable heart valentines that say One in a Minion:

Download the printable here:

Printable Rules:

All printables on The Benson Street are for personal use only. You may not sell my work, but you can share it by spreading the love to your friends and family.

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  1. My little guy is looking over my shoulder and I asked him if he’d like to give these out to his preschool class for Valentines Day… he said, “No, I’d like to them out to ME!” Ha ha 🙂 Too cute, Emily- you rock!

  2. You know I think this is adorable! And I’m humming again. We just watched Despicable Me over Christmas and my son LOVES the minions, especially the mini-movies. Well, I haven’t bought Twinkies in ages, but may have to go look them up again! Super clever Emily, well done!

  3. My son is over the moon excited about his “evil minion” valentine box…these will make the perfect valentines to give to his friends! But seriously- are there twinkies to be bought?

  4. I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your awesome minion Valentine! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly crafts, we’d love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a great project idea!

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  9. I like how you used a twinky for this project and even made the eye just like a minion. Great idea and I bet kids will love this. Pinning for later! Oh and thanks for all those free printables too – love the freebies!