The Best Holiday Game: Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable

Get ready to have fun with this Christmas scavenger hunt printable game. It is great way for large groups to enjoy a fun activity. Play anytime throughout the holiday season.

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The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. One activity that can add an extra dose of excitement to your Christmas celebrations is a Christmas scavenger hunt. Plan to do the scavenger hunt anytime in December from the beginning all the way up to Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. And what better way to organize and enjoy this fun-filled time than with a Christmas scavenger hunt printable for the entire family? In this blog post, we will explore what a Christmas scavenger hunt printable is, why you’ll love using it, variations for using it, common questions about it, why it is a fun idea for Christmas break, and how to play the game.

Why You’ll Love This Free Printable

1. Easy Organization: Planning a themed scavenger hunt can be a daunting task, but with a Christmas scavenger hunt printable, all the hard work is done for you. The printable provides a ready-made list of items or clues to find, making it effortless to set up the game and ensure everyone in the whole family or group has a great time.

2. Customizable Fun: The beauty of a fun Christmas scavenger hunt printable is that it can be tailored to suit any age group or setting. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a party with friends, or even a virtual event, you can easily customize the printable to match the theme and difficulty level you desire. This versatility ensures that everyone can participate from younger kids to older kids, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Variations for Using the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable

1. Indoor or Outdoor: Depending on the weather and available space, you can choose to have your Christmas scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors. For indoor hunts, hide the clues or items in different rooms or areas of your home. If you opt for an outdoor hunt, utilize your backyard, local park, or even your neighborhood to create an exciting adventure for participants.

2. Time-Based Challenges: To add an extra layer of excitement, consider incorporating time-based challenges into your free printable Christmas scavenger hunt. Set a timer and challenge participants to find all the items or solve all the clues within a specific time frame. This will not only test their problem-solving skills but also create a sense of urgency and friendly competition.

Common Questions about Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printables

1. Are Christmas scavenger hunt printables suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! Christmas scavenger hunt printables can be adapted to suit different age groups. You can adjust the difficulty level of the clues or items to ensure everyone can participate and have fun.

2. Can I create my own Christmas scavenger hunt printable?

Certainly! If you prefer a more personalized touch, you can create your own Christmas scavenger hunt printable. A sheet is included with blank clue cards. Write up your own clues to personalize your Christmas scavenger hunt clues.

How to Use the Printable

Using the Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a breeze. Simply download and print the printable by entering your email address below and it will be delivered right to your inbox. Gather the necessary materials, such as paper, scissors, or items to find, and distribute them accordingly. Provide clear instructions to the participants, explaining the rules and objectives of the game. Then, let the scavenger hunt begin and play this every year as one of your Christmas traditions.

Playing a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Playing a Christmas scavenger hunt is a delightful way to engage with family and friends during the holidays to add a little holiday cheer. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Divide participants into teams or play individually.
  2. Distribute the clue cards or provide a list of items to find.
  3. Set a time limit, if desired.
  4. Participants must search for the clues or items and mark them off as they find them.
  5. The first team or individual to complete the scavenger hunt wins.

Tips for Playing this holiday Scavenger Hunt:

Get the most out of your holiday fun with these tips for a fun Christmas activity to foster new memories.


Provide participants with clear and concise instructions on how the scavenger hunt works. Clearly communicate the rules, objectives, and any specific guidelines they need to follow. 


Consider giving your scavenger hunt a theme to make it more engaging and cohesive. Whether it’s based on holidays, movies, or a specific era, a theme can add excitement and creativity to the easy Christmas game.


Tailor the challenges and clues to the age group and interests of the participants. Ensure that the tasks are neither too easy nor too difficult for the intended audience.


If the scavenger hunt covers multiple locations, plan a logical and efficient route. Consider the logistics of how participants will move from one clue to the next.


Mix up the types of clues to keep the hunt interesting. Include riddles, puzzles, and physical challenges to engage participants and cater to different skills.


Prioritize safety by selecting safe locations for the hunt, especially if it involves public spaces or outdoor areas. Clearly communicate any safety guidelines to participants.


Consider the time it will take for participants to complete the scavenger hunt. Ensure that it’s neither too short nor too long, keeping in mind the attention span of the participants.


If the scavenger hunt involves teams, consider the dynamics. Aim for a balance of skills and personalities within each small group or team to encourage collaboration and teamwork.


Add an element of surprise by incorporating unexpected challenges, bonus clues, or small rewards along the way. This keeps participants engaged and excited.


Plan a fun and celebratory conclusion for the scavenger hunt. Whether it’s a prize ceremony, special surprise, refreshments like hot cocoa with a candy cane, or a group photo, create a memorable ending to the event when teams find the last clue.


Don’t forget a fun small gift, it is the perfect way to commemorate the winner or winning team. Here are a list of creative ideas you could give winners and increase the holiday spirit.

  • gift cards
  • card games
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • candy canes
  • gingerbread house kit
  • hot chocolate bombs
  • Christmas candy
  • cash
  • puzzle game
  • white elephant gifts
  • non-candy treats
  • snow globe
  • basically any holiday items

Tips for Printing:

To make the most of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt free printable Christmas game, follow these tips for printing and playing:

  1. Quality Printing: Ensure your printer is set to high-quality printing to enhance the readability of the game sheets.
  2. Sufficient Copies: Print enough copies for all participants, plus a few extras in case of unexpected guests.
  3. Lamination or Sheet Protectors: Consider laminating the game sheets or placing them in sheet protectors to make them reusable and more durable.
  4. Festive Prizes: Prepare small, festive prizes for the winners, such as holiday-themed treats or trinkets.

My favorite Printable Supplies:

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  • Printer: I love my HP home Printer, it prints beautifully everytime no matter what projects I am working on.
  • Paper: Depending on the durability you want with your printables, consider printing on white card stock or high quality paper.
  • Laminator: For printables you are planning to use over and over again, simply laminate and use dry erase markers to mark up the printables.

Download the printable here:

Remember this printable is free for personal use only. 

A Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a fantastic addition to your holiday festivities. It brings people together, encourages teamwork, and adds an element of adventure and excitement. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large party, this printable game is sure to create lasting memories and laughter. So, gather your loved ones, download a Christmas scavenger hunt printable, and embark on a thrilling holiday adventure. Happy hunting!

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