Free Printable Christmas Scattergories: A Fun Holiday Game

I’ve got a great way to have fun over Christmas break with these Printable Christmas Scattergories lists that you can print off using a home printer or your local print shop. There are five different versions. Play one or all five for a really good time!

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The holiday season is all about spending quality time with loved ones and creating lasting memories during the holiday season. And what better way to add some fun and excitement to your Christmas gatherings than with a free printable Christmas Scattergories game? This classic word game is a perfect Christmas party icebreaker and will keep everyone entertained for hours. Whether you’re hosting a family get-together or a virtual holiday party, this printable game is a must-have addition to your festive celebrations.

Why You’ll Love This Free Printable:

Easy and Convenient: With our free printable Christmas Scattergories game sheets, you can skip the hassle of buying or creating category cards from scratch. Simply download and print as many copies as you need, and you’re ready to go. It’s a time-saving solution that allows you to focus on enjoying the game with your loved ones at Christmas parties.

Festive and Customizable: Our printable Christmas Scattergories game features a beautifully designed holiday-themed template that adds a touch of festive cheer to your family game night. Additionally, the game categories can be easily customized to suit your preferences or the age group of the players. This flexibility ensures that everyone can participate and have a blast. Play with one sheet or all five. Feel free to spread out the game over multiple days of the Christmas season.

Variations for Using the Printable Scattergories Game:

Virtual Game Night: If you’re unable to gather physically, you can still enjoy the Christmas Scattergories game virtually. Share the printable game cards with your friends and family through email or a messaging platform, and play together via video call. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected with family members and have fun, no matter the distance.

Classroom Activity: Teachers can incorporate the printable Christmas Scattergories game into their lesson plans as a fun and educational activity. It helps improve vocabulary, critical thinking, and creativity while keeping the students engaged during the holiday season.

How to Play Christmas Scattergories with this Printable:

  1. Gather the materials: You will need printable Christmas Scattergories sheets (download the digital download below by enter your email address and the PDF File will come to your inbox), pens or pencils for each player, and a timer.
  2. Set up the game: Distribute the printable Christmas Scattergories sheets to each player. Each sheet will have different categories listed, such as “Christmas songs,” “Christmas decorations,” or “Christmas foods.” Make sure each player has a pen or pencil to write their answers.
  3. Start the timer: Set a timer for a specific amount of time, such as 2 minutes per round. This will give players a limited amount of time to come up with answers for each category.
  4. Use the Letter at the Top of each Column: Use the letter given above each column and then fill in the answers for each row.
  5. Fill in the categories: Players must quickly think of words or phrases that fit each category and start with the designated letter. For example, if the category is “Christmas songs” and the letter of the alphabet is “S,” players could write “Silent Night” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”
  6. Score the answers: After the timer runs out, players take turns sharing their answers for each category. If multiple players have the same answer, they do not receive points for that category. Players receive one point for each unique answer that fits the category and starts with the designated letter.
  7. Keep track of scores: Assign a scorekeeper who will keep track of each player’s points. At the end of each round, tally up the scores and record them. No answer sheet needed. You only get a point if you are the only one to write down that word for each category. You can also give double points for answers that have two words that go together that begin with the same letter liked Candy Cane. Make up any other rules you like, such as most unique words voted on by the group for extra points.
  8. Play multiple rounds: Repeat the process for several rounds, using different letters, sheets, or categories each time. The player with the highest score at the end of all the rounds is the winner.

Alternatively you can play this way too: 

Give each player a copy of each page. Set a timer for a few minutes. Players must think of a word that starts with the letter at the top and fits the description. The first player to fill in all the blank spaces correctly is the winner.

Remember, the goal of Christmas Scattergories is to come up with unique and creative answers that fit each category and start with the designated letter of the Christmas theme. Bonus points if you can use all Christmas words! Have fun and enjoy the holiday-themed challenge!

Common Questions about Printable Christmas Scattergories:

Are there different difficulty levels available for the game?

Yes, you can adjust the difficulty level by modifying the categories. For younger players, you can choose simpler categories, while for older players, you can make them more challenging.

Can I play this game with large groups of people?

Absolutely! The printable Christmas Scattergories game can be played with any number of players. Simply divide into teams or play individually, depending on your preference.

​Can Younger Kids Play?

Of course, but they might need some help. Feel free to team up younger children with older children or adults to play this free printable game.

How to Use the Printable:

  1. Download the Printable: Download the Christmas scattergories printable file to your computer or mobile device.
  2. Print the Game Cards: Open the downloaded file and print as many copies of the game cards as you need. Make sure to use high-quality paper for the best experience.
  3. Gather the Players: Invite your friends, family, or colleagues to join in the fun. Explain the rules of the game and distribute the game cards and pens.
  4. Start Playing: Set a timer and announce a which sheet you are using (more detailed instructions are above). Players must come up with words that fit the given categories and start with the announced letter. The goal is to be unique and creative with your answers. After the timer runs out, compare answers and award points accordingly. The player or team or player with the most points wins!

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Download the printable digital file here:

Please remember free printables are for personal use only.

The printable Christmas Scattergories game is a fantastic addition to your holiday festivities. It’s a great game, easy to use, customizable, so much fun, and suitable for all ages. Whether you’re playing with family, friends, or colleagues, this game is sure to bring laughter and joy to your Christmas gatherings. So, download the printable, gather your loved ones, and let the fun begin! Happy Holidays.

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