Name that Christmas Carol Printable Game

Have fun at your next holiday party testing your knowledge with this name that Christmas carol printable game and answer key!

I love games like this! They test your knowledge and provide an element of fun at any holiday party and all you have to do is print them off. I found this game in my mom’s Christmas files that she’s collected over the years and jazzed it up a bit to share here.

To play this game you can simply let everyone work on it at their leisure during a party of get together. Or have everyone start at the same time and set a time limit. Check the answers at the end of the time limit and of course you need to hand out major awards! Get whatever you think would work best for the event, but might I suggest a leg lamp.

Not let’s get started! Print off the game below and make up your own rules. No cell phones? Or you can allow that if you want this to be more open book style. Or have partners. Are first lines and titles acceptable or only the actual titles? Customize it to fit the event.

Click Here for the Game Printable


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