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Babysitter Kit with WaterWipes at

I don’t have kids yet, but I do have some nieces and nephews. I love to play with them and babysit them when I get the chance, but sometimes it can be a little unsettling when I don’t know every little thing about them. Even when watching a friend’s kids it can be a little bit intimating.  So instead of all this worry I’ve created a solution, the babysitter kit, with the help of WaterWipes.

The babysitter kit is quick and easy to compile and will help your babysitters out soo much.

Easy Babysitter Kit at

What you will need for the kit:

WaterWipes Natural Baby Wipes: Most baby wipes contain harsh chemicals, even those that are labeled eco-friendly or organic, but WaterWipes are made with two natural ingredients, water and grapefruit seed extract. So no chemicals! These wipes are perfect for all skin types and ages. Use these wipes in the kit for diaper changes, cleaning off faces and hands, cleaning messes and for any other quick clean up encounters during babysitting.

WaterWipes Baby Wipes perfect for your babysitter kit at

Snacks: It is a good idea to throw a couple of snacks and treats in the kit in case the kids get hungry. By providing the babysitter with some items the kids already love it will be easier than having them scramble to find something they like.

Diapers or Undies for little ones: Avoid accidents and blowouts by having extras on hand. Be sure to use WaterWipes when changing diapers and when toddlers have accidents. These wipes even prevent diaper rash.

A Movie or books: If you don’t mind letting kids watch a show while at the babysitter send one of their favorites. Sometimes a babysitter doesn’t always have lots of kids movies.  Send a couple of children’s books that can entertain the kids too.

Small Toys: Throw in your kid’s favorite small toys so they will have something familiar to play with while at the sitters.

Babysitter Info Sheet printable (download it at the end of this post): This printable is a great resource to give your sitter all the information they need in one place. From how to get a hold of you to allergies to bed and nap times. This will keep your babysitter in the know with all the details about your kids. Print one off each time you head out, or print one out and laminate it. Write on it with a dry erase marker so that you can reuse it over and over again.

Printable Babysitter Info Sheet at

Bag for all the stuff to fit in: Rather than leave your diaper bag which sometimes ends up doubling as your purse, just keep you babysitter kit bag ready for when you leave the kids with the sitter. 

The great thing about this babysitter kit is add and subtract as needed. Customize the kit to suit your children’s needs. 

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To download the free printable: Babysitter Info Sheet


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