Diaper Bag Mom Essentials

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Things you've got to have in your diaper bag! Diaper Bag Mom Essentials at thebensonstreet.com

Can I tell you that I love being a mom, but there are something that are just different! I used to always have a cute purse full of all my essentials you know lipgloss, gum, all that kind of stuff. Now with a baby, carseat, blankets, stroller, baby carrier and diaper bag the purse got the boot. That doesn’t mean I can’t still have my diaper bag mom essentials. I just have to mix them in with all of Miss JJ’s essentials. I want to share with you MY essentials for my diaper bag!

Mom's need stuff in the diaper bag too! Diaper bag mom essentials at thebensonstreet.com

First of all for me a diaper bag needs to be easy to carry. I HATE shoulder bags. They always make me feel off balance and pull on my long hair. So I love a good backpack diaper bag (you could also use any old backpack).

Mommy Diaper Bag Essentials at thebensonstreet.com

I’ve filled it with a mix of my own items to keep me sane and baby items to help keep baby happy to keep me sane! The best part is I found many of these items at one of my never ending trips to Wal-Mart. Find some of these cool items near the pharmacy.

Diaper Bag Essentials at Walmart from thebensonstreet.com

Mom's need stuff in the diaper bag too. Find out the diaper bag mom essentials here at thebensonstreet.com

So many of these things are just essentials for my life as a new mom to be healthy. Learn more about these many ways to enhance your life.

Great ideas to keep in your diaper bag for you at thebensonstreet.com

Diaper Bag Mom Essentials

  1. Notebook and coupon/gift card holder. I am always needing a list so I don’t forget anything at the store. Plus, having a small organizer for all those gift cards from the baby shower.
  2. Baby Changing Pad (in an easy to grab spot like the side pocket of your bag). I will tell you I am a bit of germ freak. I have a love hate relationship with baby changing tables in public places. Convenient yes, but germy. So to avoid having to lay baby down on one of these always be sure to have your changing pad.
  3. Hair tie. If you have long hair this is an essential all the time. I love my hair, but hate when little hands get tangled in it. So grab a few of these to keep your locks out of your face and out of baby’s hands.
  4. ChapStick Total Hydration. I hate when my lips feel dry and cracked. By slipping on a little bit of this new type of ChapStick it provides moisture and actually makes lips look better. That’s a plus for the Mr. And it is made from lots of good for your skin things. It is an advanced nourishing formula with argan oil and avocado butter and rosehip oils.
  5. Wallet! You know in case you want to pay for something.
  6. Baby Toys. These keep me sane when trying to keep baby calm when out and about. Keep a variety of small toys in your bag to keep baby from getting bored while on the go.
  7. Infant’s Advil. Oh teething and fevers. Sometimes these will strike a child when you least expect it. Keep a stash of this in your bag to avoid a rough car ride home and provide baby relief. It quickly soothes teething pain and fever.
  8. Centrum VitaMints. I love things with dual purposes, like these VitaMints. As a new mom it is important to keep of vitamins. They help you stay healthy to be able to take care of baby. Plus, you need them if you are breastfeeding. If you forgot to take your vitamins at home you will always have them on the go with these in your diaper bag and they will leave you with minty fresh breath. No chalky taste, just cool mint flavor and vitamins.
  9. Burp Rags! Take a couple extra it is amazing what can come out of something so small when you least expect it.
  10. Phone!!! I can’t leave home without it. I use it to monitor feedings, naps and so much more. I always need it to capture all the fun moments with my new sweet baby. 
  11. Hand Sanitizer. This goes back to number 2. After changing those diapers it can be hard to hold baby and wash hands, so the next best thing is some sanitizer.
  12. Tissues. For runny noses, spills, etc. You never know when you might need a tissue.

What are your diaper bag essentials for moms?

I might need to add more to my bag ;)!


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