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The internet is an amazing resource, but it can be scary to let kids use it on their own. Today Heather from Kids Email is here sharing an internet safety contract. It is such a great idea and perfect for kids and teens. Check it out:

How to create an internet safety contract for kids and teens at

Our kids are bombarded with technology on a daily basis,and if our kids and teens don’t own a smart device themselves, they most likely have access to one in one form or another through us as parents or through friends or even school.  Its a good idea to safeguard our kids with tools on how to make wise decisions online.  Open lines of communication are essential to their online safety, and its our job as parents to start the conversation on guiding them to leave a positive digital footprint.  Below is an example of an internet “safety contract” that you can review and sign with your kids.   Make your own or use ours!  Setting firm rules and consequences for online activity will instill respect for online behavior in our youth- helping them make better decisions. 


To use this example right click on the image and save. Print it off and share it with your kids. Or create your own. Be sure to include some of the examples above and add in what you think would help your children. Type it up and print it off. Share it with your kids!

What other things do you think would be great to discuss with kids about internet?


This post brought to you by: Email for kids! Allow your children to use technology and be safe. Sign up for a free trial today: 


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  1. Thank you so much! We have been working on ways to write an age appropriate contract, he’s 11. This is perfect timing! Thanks again~