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Fresh Pina Colada Smoothie at thebensonstreet.com

Have you ever watched the show Psych? If you have you know what a big deal pineapples are. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Psych, you’ve probably tasted pineapples and know that they are amazingly delicious. So if you are a fan of delicious flavor, this Piña Colada Smoothie is a must try. It […]

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$5 Crafts

The best things in life are simple and easy. Doing things in simple ways allows more time for fun and being together with those that matter most. Crafting can be fun but can take over all your time. Today I am teaming up with some fab blog friends to share with you 10 quick, easy […]

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Neon Teacher Sunglasses Gift Tags

Sunglass Teacher Gift: Back to School Series

Back to School is an overwhelming thing for all involved. Moms, teachers, kids and other school faculty. This may be why students presented teachers with an apple, but we have come a long way from just giving apples. There are so many creative ideas for teacher gifts for back to school.


Preschool Locker Cubby Tote: Back to School Series

I would love to have some cute lockers or cubbies in my laundry room. They would be perfect for storing jackets, coats and bags. It is such a fun addition to a home. Today’s idea shares a cute way to dress up a locker or cubby.

My Mommy Style

Theme Lunches: Back to School Series

Earlier in this series there has been some adorable lunch notes shared. Like these Disney lunch notes and these fruit lunch notes. Today I’ve got the perfect idea to share with those fun printable lunch notes!

School Supply Cake

School Supplies Cake: Back to School Series

Have you been shopping the school supply sales? If you said yes, grab some for me, because I haven’t even been looking at the sales. It is normally a tradition for me, but summer is just sailing by. If you love to pick up all those sweet deals, check out todays idea involving school supplies!


Teacher Stationary Gift: Back to School Series

I hope that this series has been as much fun to read as it has been to create it! It has been fun because of all the amazing bloggers I get to feature and there adorable and creative ideas!


Back to School on a Budget: Back to School Series

It really is getting down to the time to start thinking about Back to School. Especially the shopping, which can be hard. Staying on a budget is tough when there are lots of things to get. Clothes, school supplies, school fees, etc.

Easy to make Mickey Mouse Paper Clips at thebensonstreet.com

Mickey Paper Clips: Back to School Series

Welcome to another fun day of Back to School Fun! Quick and easy crafts are my specialty. I love something homemade that anyone can do, but looks awesome!

Minecraft School Supplies for Emily

Minecraft School Supplies: Back to School Series

Isn’t it fun when you can create something unique that your child will love. If your child is obsessed with Minecraft, then today’s back to school idea will be perfect for you.

back to school essentials

School Essentials: Back to School Series

You know the old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” Isn’t that so true. Whether it comes to parenting, planning a party or trying to have fun, doing it with someone else is usually easier. That goes for back to school as well. It is awesome that there are so many ways to share […]

Breakfast Popovers Recipe

Easy Breakfast Popovers: Back to School Series

I love to make breakfast when I can. It is always a fun meal to cook for and it is generally pretty easy. I think this year I will have to try better to make breakfast in the morning before school. There have been a couple of great recipes shared and more to come as […]


Duct Tape Decorated Folders: Back to School Series

I remember finding any cute way I could to decorate my school supplies. I love cute notebooks, folders, pencils, all of it. I have created book covers out of paper sacks, my own cute paper clips and washi tape pencils. Today I’m sharing another fun idea as part of the back to school series.

junior high class schedule printable  collage

School Schedule Printable: Back to School Series

Wasn’t Junior High exciting? I remember how special lockers, class schedules and growing up was. It was fun but I can’t imagine doing again. 


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