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I have a great printable road trip activities book to share with you today. Summer is in full swing and that means ROAD TRIPS. I love them. Except for when it gets boring about a half an hour into the drive. I’ve got you covered with this Printable Road Trip Activities Book that is great for all ages.

Or if you are looking for another way to keep little ones busy on a road trip try this Road Trip Alphabet Bucket List.

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All you need to make this book is a printer, paper and some crayons. Download the book at the end of this post, print it off and take it along for the ride.

There are lots of easy games like Tic Tac Toe. Have a match up and play lots of games to declare a champion.

Road Trip Activities at

Or the ever popular dot boxing. This will keep kids busy for quite a while. Make sure they have crayons, markers, colored pencils or whatever to keep to the fun going.

Road Trip Printable at

I love graph paper. There are so many possibilities. Make a maze or draw a geometric art piece.

Road Trip Printable Booklet at

I love this one. A Pitstop collection is a place to gather different small things from the road trip journey. Tape them or draw pictures of your pitstops on this page on this page.

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After seeing lots of different license plates on the road, kids can draw their own. Add their own words and backgrounds. This is a great creative activity.

Road Trip Fun Book at

For older kids, there are lots of road trip words to unscramble. Keep their minds active with activities like this one.

Road Trip Booklet Printable at

I love looking for license plates from different states whenever I go road tripping. I’ve never kept track of all the different ones, but this printable road trip activity book has a mini license plate to keep track of each one. Just color in the plate you see and keep on searching.

Printable Road Trip Activity Book at

A funky fun activity for kids is to draw a self portrait. It is fun to see what they think they look like.

Road Trip Book at

I hope you have lots of fun road trips planned this summer and hope this will keep your kids busy. Check out the printable road trip activity book download for all the great activities in this book.

Download the Printable Here:

Or if you are looking for more printable road trip activities to keep little ones busy on a road trip try this Road Trip Alphabet Bucket List.


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  1. This great, thanks! We are about to go on a 3 day road trip with our 6 year-old granddaughter, so have printed this out. I know that some will be too difficult for her, but most she can do. One suggestion for future projects, perhaps: a child slightly older than she is could do the license plate activity, -with help- but the font you used would be VERY confusing for young readers.

    Thanks again, looking forward to doing many of these activities with her.

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  3. Love this! I’ve always wanted to make a road trip book but my kids are still too young, and now I don;t have to because you have an awesome one all ready to print!

  4. I printed out the activity book. On the unscramble page, what is the second word supposed to be? We just can’t figure it out. 🙂

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    1. I bought a report cover and put it into that. But it could be stapled or punch three holes in the side and tie with twine or use rings to keep it together.

  6. I can’t for the life of me figure out “Atsrea’ on the word scramble! I love this workbook, my nieces will be enjoying this on out 6 hour trip!