The Crafted Collective: 60 Road Trip Activities and Treats

Looking for more road trip ideas? Try my printable road trip activity book or printable road trip bucket list.

The Crafted Collective 60 Road Trip Activities and Treats via

It’s Friday again! That means The Crafted Collective! Don’t worry me and my girls: Kirsten of Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, Bethany of Pitter and Glink and Kara of Happy Go Lucky have lots of great road trip activities and treats. Kids can have fun and enjoy car trips with some planning ahead. Hope you enjoy these road trip activities. 

snack box (7) copy

Snacks are easily organized with a divided box like Tales of Domestica used.


Or keep treats from spilling with these creative snack containers from Stockpiling Moms.


Another fun way to have healthy treats on the go from For Rent.

Road Trip Activity Book at

Keep kids (or adults) busy for hours with this road trip activity book from The Benson Street.


If you don’t want to forget anything print off this packing list from Burlap and Denim, plus they have tons of other ideas!

road trip bags

To keep the ride exciting pack “surprise bags” like these from Such Pretty Things. Hand out a different milestones in your road trip.

teen road trip games

For the older kids, let them enjoy this list of car games from Alamo.

Car Bingo

Everyone can get in on this Car Bingo game from That’s What Che Says. Or print out one of the other bingo games she has created.


After bingo try your hand at a scavenger hunt with this printable from Carla Schauer Designs.


Don’t forget anything about your road trip by creating a Road Trip Journal along the way. Get all the details from Volume Twenty Five.


Don’t forget anything or lose it on the road. Whip up this pouch to keep everything safe with the instructions from While He was Napping.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.41.21 PM

Need something fun to play on the road like Checkers, but don’t want to lose any pieces? Try this travel version by Handmade by Stacy Vaughn.

magnetic tangrams-9713

For something a little different create magnetic tangram puzzle with help from Delia Creates.

Roadtrip Lego Boxes

For kids who love legos, keep them neat and tidy with these cute road trip lego boxes from Housewife Eclectic.


Stay comfy all along the road trip with this easy seatbelt pillow with tutorial from So Sew Easy.

For the rest of the road trip activities follow the links below:

06.19 Road Trip Horizontal

Sweet Tea and Saving Grace | Pitter and Glink | Happy Go Lucky


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