Pumpkin Magnets Craft: A Simple and Easy DIY for Fall

Pumpkin magnets are a super easy craft that you can decorate with all Fall long. You will need a few supplies, but can make these up in an hour or less.

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Pumpkin Magnet Tutorial at www.thebensonstreet.com

So sad August is gone, but September is here! Yay for fall! I’m in full swing with decorating for the upcoming season. I’m starting with changing my wreath and these adorable pumpkin magnets.

Why this is a perfect pumpkin craft:

When it comes to decorating for fall, pumpkin magnets are an absolute must-have! These adorable little decorations not only add a touch of seasonal charm to your home but also offer a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, pumpkin magnets are incredibly versatile. You can easily place them on any magnetic surface, such as your fridge, metal door, or even a magnetic board. This means you can switch up their placement whenever you want, allowing for endless creativity and customization.

Another reason why pumpkin magnets are a fantastic choice for fall decor is their ability to instantly create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The vibrant orange color and classic pumpkin shape evoke feelings of autumn and harvest, making your space feel inviting and festive. Whether you’re hosting a fall-themed gathering or simply want to infuse your home with seasonal spirit, these magnets are a perfect choice.

Furthermore, pumpkin magnets are a cost-effective way to decorate for fall. Unlike traditional pumpkin decorations that can be expensive and take up a lot of storage space, these magnets are compact and affordable.

Pumpkin magnets are a wonderful way to spruce up your home for fall. Their versatility, ability to create a cozy atmosphere, and cost-effectiveness make them an excellent choice for seasonal decor. So why not add a touch of pumpkin magic to your space and embrace the beauty of autumn with these delightful magnets?

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  1. Decorative paper
  2. Mod Podge
  3. Glass rocks
  4. Paint brush
  5. Sharpie
  6. Magnets
  7. Wire or pipe cleaners
  8. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Pumpkin Magnets Supplies at thebensonstreet.com

Pumpkin Craft Magnets Tutorial:

Start by cutting or punching out circles that fit the glass rocks. I used a punch, but tracing and then cutting out would work just as well.

Easy fall magnets at thebensonstreet.com

To make Jack-O-Lantern’s I used a Sharpie marker to draw faces on. Get creative and add your own flair. If just pumpkin magnets are desired skip this step. I made a variety of Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkins.

Jack-o-Lantern Magnets at thebensonstreet.com

Mod Podge Fall Magnets at thebensonstreet.com

Use Mod Podge to lightly paint the glass rock.

Mod Podge Pumpkin Magnets at thebensonstreet.com

Stick the paper on the rock with the face or colored side of the paper sticking to the rock. Then add a very thin layer over the paper to help it stick.

Fall Pumpkin Magnets

Let the Mod Podge dry thoroughly.

Pumpkin Craft at thebensonstreet.com

Place a small drop of hot glue on the middle of the back of the glass rock.

Easy Fall Magnets at www.thebensonstreet.com

Place magnet to the back of the rock in the glue.

Tutorial for Fall Magnets at thebensonstreet.com

Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner or wire for the stem. Place a small drop of glue to the part of the magnet that you want to be the top.

Magnets for fall at www.thebensonstreet.com

Place the stem in the hot glue. Allow hot glue to dry before using as a magnet.

Magnet fun with pumpkin at thebensonstreet.com
Aren’t they just adorable. Add some variation with the mix of the faces and pumpkins. I will be using these anywhere that is magnetic. Loving that they are a fun way to add fall decor in a simple way.

Fall Pumpkin Magnets at www.thebensonstreet.com

If you aren’t ready to get halloween decor out, just make plain pumpkins that can be used for decor from September to October. That’s the great things about pumpkins. They last the whole fall season.

Simple Pumpkin Magnet Tutorial for Fall at thebensonstreet.com

Are you ready for fall? Or are you still stuck in the summer fun? I’m hoping with school starting today that I will get to be on a better schedule and that is really why I am excited for fall. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the fun in the sun to go away.

Easy Jack-o-Lantern Magnet tutorial at thebensonstreet.com


Add more cute magnets to your collection with these other ideas, using similar supplies.

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  2. Bats – Use black paper, add red eyes and a mouth. Then finish it off with bat wings.
  3. Frankenstein – Use green, with black hair and add eyes and don’t forget neck bolts!
  4.  Ornaments for Christmas – Use a variety of colors, and then add a hook on top!
  5. Wrapped Christmas Candies – I have full tutorial to make these cute Christmas Candy Magnets.


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      1. Where did you find the glass rocks? This is so cute, I want to adapt it as a Christmas craft for the preschoolers at my day care.

  1. Hi: I love the magnets! Can you tell where you get your glass rocks? I have some but they seem to have a shine to them that makes viewing the pic underneath difficult at certain angles. Yours looked completely clear. I would appreciate. Thanks so much for sharing. Def. will be making these!

    1. I got them at a local craft store, it was probably Joann’s or Michael’s. But you can also buy them online. I searched for clear glass stones and found some on etsy and other sites. I hope that helps.

  2. Adorable! Thank you for the great photos. I have a question for you, before applying the magnet, you glued on a second circle as a backing before applying the magnet, then did you apply more mod podge to the backing paper too?

    I’d love to make these with my students. Thank you again. Terre

    1. I just applied one circle (the back of the paper I used was black) So apply the Mod Podge to the stone. Place the paper on it. Apply another thin coat of Mod Podge over the paper. Let dry. Then add the magnet using hot glue.

      Hope that helps if not let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Soooo so cute! This really caught my eye and I just had to comment! I really appreciate the beautiful photos and clear instructions, by the way. Thanks for sharing this – instantly pinned 🙂

  5. so super cute! I think I saw these when you first published it… but I didn’t take any action on the post so I’m pinning now :o) I can only pin so many recipes from the blog boost… a lot of food bloggers :o) Emily

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