Ways to Use Your Photos

Four Ways to Use Your Photos and get them off your computer at thebensonstreet.com

With the addition of Miss JJ into the family I’ve started taking a lot more pictures. I think all of us have with the ease of digital cameras and phones with fantastic cameras. It is easy to share those photos on social media or email to family, but I love to have ways to use photos that aren’t just online. I like to share them physically throughout my home. Here are ways to get your photos off your phone and out in the open. 

Ways to Use Your Photos

1. Photo Books

Using Instagram Photos in Photobooks at www.thebensonstreet.com

I love photo books. They are like scrapbooking but so much easier. Make your photos look polished and put together. Bound up in a beautiful book. I love to make a book after each trip we take and plan to make one for each year of Miss JJ’s life.

Photo Books at www.thebensonstreet.com

My favorite photo books are from Shutterfly. I usually wait for a good sale. If you wait a couple of weeks photos books normally go on sale for 40% off. There are lots of other sites, but I just like the quality of Shutterfly.

2. Crafts

Wood Photos 1

There are so many ways to use photos for crafts. I especially love a large scale like these DIY Wood Mounted Photos. Photos can be mod podged to many surface coasters, wood blocks etc. 

Easy Hunger Games Keychain Tutorial at thebensonstreet.com

Or use this idea to transfer images to wood using this technique.

3. Photo Gifts

These can be made like crafts or ordered from Shutterfly or Arts Cow or any other site. I think Arts Cow is a great value but be sure to give yourself plenty of time when ordering. They generally are a little bit slow in production and shipping due to their location in China. Shutterfly is as always great quality but on the pricey side.

4. Chatbooks

Chatbooks at thebensonstreet.com

Oh my I love Chatbooks. If you love Instagram then Chatbooks is the perfect way to get your photos off of social media. Chatbooks is a subscription for cute little soft covered books which will come each time your post 60 photos to instagram. They have the date and caption as well. Plus, I’ve got a code for a free Chatbook: 49XR6XJH. Download the app or head over to their website.

What are your favorite ways to use your photos?


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