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Hey there again! It’s time for The Crafted Collective with me and my girls, Kirsten of Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, Bethany of Pitter and Glink and Kara of Happy Go Lucky. Summer is creeping up on us. Which is fun, but it also means the kids will end up bored sooner or later. Avoid the boredom with 60 summer crafts for kids. There are so many ideas. Keep the kids busy all summer long. Be sure to check out the other ideas at the end of the post. 


Bouncy balls are always a fun toy, but have you ever made your own? Make them your favorite color and learn how from The 36th Avenue.


I love a good craft that provides some fun. Kids will go crazy for these popsicle stick harmonicas from Housing a Forest.


Using paper, old magazines, newspaper, etc. Help kids create these fun paper beads for a summer time necklace or bracelet. Learn how to make this fun and easy craft at The Golden Fingers.


These paper bracelets are a two in one craft! Have the kids paint designs on papers and then fold them into these fancy bracelets like the folks at Pickle Bums.


Remember Chia Pets? Try this at home crafty version with the kids for a garden themed craft like they did at Red Ted Art.


Hands on as we Grow had the great idea to create these beautiful suncatchers using flowers and foliage from nature. Take a hike and gather plants and then display these beauties in the window to catch some sun.

wind chime

Have some old tin cans around? Let the little ones paint them up and then help them assemble their very own tin can wind chime like these by A Girl and a Glue Gun.


Help the kids craft up their own crayons. Use a star mold and glitter to make them “space crayons” like these from Mini-eco.


Some kids might not be super crafty, but they might like these adorable duct tape and sponge boats. Find out all the details over at The Craft Train.


Do you have a bug lover? They will have lots of fun making these clothes pin caterpillars by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.


It is amazing what can be made with a paper towel roll. Kaleidoscopes are so cool. Make one with these tips from That’s What Che Said.


If your kids like games and crafts, rock dominos are perfect. Help the kids paint the rocks and teach them the strategy of dominos just like they did by Child Care Land

chalk rockets 015

Chalk rockets are such a cool craft. Blast them off with help from Growing a Jeweled Rose.


For the kid who loves science try out this crystal geode craft. Lots of fun and they look so pretty. For the instructions check out Feels Like Home.


If you need a simple summer craft, it is always fun to get little fingers dirty. Finger paint this pineapple or other fruits just like Sassy Dealz did.

Find the rest of the ideas below:

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