Stained Glass Painting for Kids {Summer Camp Instructor}

It has been an awesome summer and I am so glad I’ve been able to participate with The Craft Nest’s Summer Camp Series. Summer may be wrapping up, but I’ve got an awesome fun kid craft project!  I love the look of stained glass. It is always so gorgeous and has a very pretty quality. I’ve got an easy way for the kids to have fun and make artwork that looks like stained glass.

Kids Stained Glass Painting at
Summer Day Camp Series


  • corn syrup
  • food coloring
  • paintbrushes
  • printable stained glass painting sheets
Stained Glass Painting Supplies at

Pour corn syrup on a plate or in a bowl. Mix a small amount of food coloring in the corn syrup. 

Corn Syrup Painting at

Give the kids a paint brush and let them lay it on thick. No seriously. It looks better when it is spread on thicker.

Kids Craft Stained Glass Painting at

It is also best to have them wear an apron, or better yet a swimsuit because it can get messy. My niece totally got it in her hair so it might be best to pull it back too.

Kids Stained Glass Painting at

It is looks so beautiful. It was even fun when the colors mixed together. It created a tie dye effect. 

Stained Glass Painting Fun at

She is so happy with how it turned out. And she didn’t even want to leave an inch of the paper white. 

Stained Glass Corn Syrup Paintings at

A little football love for the boys. Plus another tie dye type stained glass painting.

Colorful Stained Glass Paintings for kids at

After the paintings are all done, let them dry overnight. Be careful not to set other papers or anything on top of the paintings. They will get stuck and rip the works of art. 

Printable Rules:

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