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You know those yummy Cadbury Eggs? Not the creme filled ones, but those little chocolate ones with a candy shell. Those ones that are crazy addictive. Is it ringing a bell yet? I love those delicious eggs. I knew I needed a way to incorporate these eggs into something fun, like a Don’t Eat Pete Printable.
Spring Don't Eat Pete Printable at thebensonstreet.com
I thought it would be fun to put a springy twist on a classic game I loved as a child, Don’t Eat Pete.
Easter Egg Don't Eat Pete Game
The Cadbury Mini Eggs are perfect for this game. But I’m sure any chocolate eggs would work or if you aren’t in to chocolate, then jelly beans would be great too. I’m too into these eggs to even consider jelly beans.
Egg Don't Eat Pete Printable at thebensonstreet.com
 Don’t Eat Pete Instructions: Place a piece of candy on each of the eggs on the printable. Send one person out of the room. Everyone left in the room picks one of the eggs to be “Pete.” Call the person back into the room. They start to remove the candies one at a time. Keeping the ones they remove until they try to take “Pete.” As they try to take “Pete”, yell “Don’t Eat Pete!” Replace “Pete” on the board. When they try to take “Pete” the round is over. The chooser keeps the candies that they removed before getting “Pete.” Refill the board and send the next person out. Pick a new “Pete” on the board. Play until all the candy is gone!!! Or until everyone has had a turn.
Springy Don't Eat Pete at thebensonstreet.com
I love the springy colors! I want to play this game all the time and maybe even by myself. But it would probably be better to get the kids involved.
Don't Eat Pete at thebensonstreet.com

Download the Printable HERE: 

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  1. I played this game at birthday parties as a child, but we called it Poison Candy and used a paper plate full of candy. My mom and I have laughed about how you could nevereverever play this today, so it’s lovely to see a 2014-appropriate version!