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It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I am going to share a fairly simple costume that can be made using somethings around the house or get a little more creative and sew up a cape to complete this DIY Sherlock Holmes costume.



Plus, I am participating in the Masquerade Ball with Free Time Frolics. Over the next few weeks bloggers will share costume and party ideas. Check out more of these ideas at the end of this post.

I came across this Sherlock Holmes detective costume idea over at Martha Stewart, but I made some changes.

Sherlock Holmes Costume Essentials at

Let’s start with the Sherlock Holmes Costume Essentials:

  • white shirt
  • sweater vest
  • khaki pants
  • tie
  • cape
  • hat
  • magnifying glass

To create the no sewing version, just skip the cape or use fabric glue.

Cape supplies:

  • thicker upholstery type fabric (depending on if a child or adult costume go more or less fabric)
  • bias tape
  • newspaper for pattern creating

Sherlock Holmes Cape at

To create free hand a circle using newspaper. For a child size costume using one full sheet of newspaper should work. For an adult costume I would still create a larger circle with the newspaper. Use the pattern to cut out the circle. In the middle use a plate to trace a neck hole. cut up in a straight line to the circle and cut out the circle. Hem the edges. I just folded the fabric under and used a zig zag stitch but any sort of hem would work.

Sherlock Holmes DIY Costume at

For the collar, use the pattern in the Martha Stewart tutorial or skip it and just add bias tape or and type of tying material to tie the cape on. 

Hat Supplies:

  • two khaki colored baseball caps (I got mine from Wal-Mart or the dollar store)
  • More of the cape fabric for ear flaps
  • bias tape

Sherlock Holmes Hat Tutorial at

One had will be put on backwards underneath the top hat with the ear flaps. Set it aside. Free hand an ear flap pattern using newspaper. Cut out four flaps.  on two of the flaps  sew a 10 inch pice of bias tape to the right side of the curved edge of the ear flap. Sew two flaps together with the right sides facing in. Leave the straight edge of the flap open. Flip the flap inside out. Iron and sew the flap to the inside of the hat so that the bias tape side will be against the hat when tying the flaps on top of the hat. Repeat with the other side. Tie the bias tape together in a knot on top of the hat.

Easy Sherlock Holmes Costume at

The end result should look similar to this. I finished my bias tape, but thinking back it was a waste of time for a costume. I would leave it unfinished. It will still have to great effect of Sherlock Holmes. Put the plain cap on backwards followed by the ear flap hat on top.

Sherlock Holmes Hat at

Get all dressed up! First put on the shirt, tie, vest and pants. Add the cape and hat. Finish off the look with a magnifying glass. You can find these at dollar stores or Wal-Mart or Target or even online.

Sherlock Holmes Halloween Costume at

I love what a great impact it has and we used clothes that were already in our closet. Find more great costume ideas here:

Looking for more SHERLOCK inspiration, find a whole bunch of great ideas right here:


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