Easy Halloween Drinks: Witch’s Brew & Zombie Punch

Easy to make Halloween Drinks at thebensonstreet.com

Ekk! Is it Halloween in a week and a half? Yikes! I don’t know what I’m dressing up as or what our plans our. But I do know it’s starting to get close. Last minute easy things are exactly what I need right now, like this easy Rubik’s Cube Costume or a party game of Halloween Don’t Eat Pete. Plus, if you are having a party you better have something spooky to drink plus some other last minute ideas. Luckily I’m sharing super easy recipe for Halloween drinks and my friends have some last minute Halloween ideas to get you in shape before the 31st.

3 Ingredient Halloween Drinks at thebensonstreet.com

All you need for this super easy drink mixture is:

  • Grape Kool-Aid (for Witch’s Brew) or Green Apple Kool-Aid (for Zombie Punch)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 quarts water
  • Sprite or Ginger-ale

Witch's Brew and Zombie Punch Halloween Drinks at thebensonstreet.com

Mix up the Kool-Aid according to the package directions. It just the packet, a cup of sugar and 2 quarts of water (I make this stuff way to much). 

For each individual pour 3/4 of a glass full with the Kool-Aid. Top it off with the soda. Stir with a straw and serve.

Or add the soda to the Kool-Aid before pouring into individual glasses. 

For a more intense bubbly sensation use half Kool-Aid and half soda. 

Easy Halloween Drinks at thebensonstreet.com

Serve in mason jars or other fun glasses all dressed up for Halloween.

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