Ruffle Halloween Garland

Today is an exciting day! I have been working with my friend Sky over at Capital B, to bring you something a little special called Pretty Projects. Pretty Pair. 


Here is how it works. Each month we get together and have a little girl time. Hit the stores and shop for some supplies. We each spend $10 on the same stuff. Then we each take the supplies and create a pretty project (it should take an hour or less to make). So there you go two projects for the price of one. We will be sharing the first Monday of every month, so be sure to watch for it.

This month I made a ruffle halloween garland with our supplies that we purchased together.

Ruffled Halloween Garland at thebensonstreet.comWe had so much fun hitting up Joann’s for this awesome halloween fabric. 

Here is a run down of what I used to create the garland.

  • Five different Halloween fabrics (1/3 a yard each)
  • Ric Rac, jumbo and small
  • Fabric glue (hot glue would work too)
  • Sewing machine & thread
  • Yarn

Halloween Fabric Garland at

Take each third and fold it in half the long way and then again. It should be like this picture below.

Halloween Ruffle at

Cut it into two pieces at the fold. There will be two pieces of each fabric.

Tutorial for Ruffled Halloween Garland at

Decide what order you want them in and put them in that order. Sew each of the pieces of fabric together. Start by placing right sides of the first two pieces of fabric on top of each other.

Sewing a Ruffled Garland at

Pin the two pieces together on the short end. 

Halloween Bats Garland at

Sew a straight stitch down the end. Make sure to back stitch at the first and end.

Ruffle Sewed Garland at

Sew each piece of fabric to the garland until it is a big long strip like this (repeat each the above steps with each piece of fabric).

Halloween Fabric Garland at

Take the big long strip and fold it in half to make a thinner strip, with the right sides pin it together.

Ruffled Garland Steps at

Sew one big long straight stitch down the entire garland to make a tube. Back stitch at the start and end.

Patchwork Ruffle Garland at

If will be inside out when done with the straight stitch. Turn the tube inside out. 

Garland tutorial at

Iron the garland tube with the seam on the bottom or top (just not in the middle).

Ruffle Garland Idea at

Fold in the ends of the tube and sew a straight stitch to close the ends of the tube.

Ruffle Garland for Halloween at

Now the fun part is the ruffling part. Grab some yarn and unroll it a little bit. Using a large zig zag stitch sew over the yarn, with the yarn in the middle of the zig zag stitch. Try not to sew the yarn to the garland. Do this down the entire garland.

Ruffle Trick at

At the ends pull the yarn to ruffle the garland. Be careful not to pull to hard and break the zig zag stitch. If the stitch did get the yarn, just clip it a little bit and keep gathering and ruffling. After it is all ruffled tie knots at each end to keep the ruffle in place.

Halloween Fabric Patchwork Garland at I used this fabric glue, but I think it would have been easier to use hot glue. I glued the green small ric rac to the jumbo ric rac. Let dry.

Ric Rac and Fabric Halloween Garland at After all dried, I glued the ric rac down the middle of the ruffle garland to give it something a little special. You could just leave it as a ruffle instead of doing the ric rac.

Funky Ruffle Garland at

Then put the garland on display. I love the variety of Halloween fabrics. It is a little spooky but still friendly looking.

Super Cute Patchwork Ruffle Halloween Garland at

I am having a hard time deciding where I want to hang it. It would even work great as a mini table runner. 

Fun Ruffled Halloween Garland at

Or I might hand it around my door.

Funky Halloween Garland at

I just can’t decide where to put it. What do you love to decorate for Halloween?

Now run over to Capital B and check out what Sky has cooked up. Her tutorial is here.

Halloween Garlands with ten dollars and one hour!

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  1. This turned out awesome, Emily! I love both our projects and loved even more being able to get together with you! So glad to have a reason to each month 🙂