Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece at

It’s that time again! Today I’ve got two awesome projects for under $10 each and take less than an hour to create! It is almost thanksgiving and I’m already planning my menu and now I’ve got the perfect simple thanksgiving centerpiece for you!

I love getting together with one of my blog besties, Sky from Capital B. We love getting together to shop and sharing our ideas with you! My favorite part is that we’ve created projects anyone can create too!


To get started with my thanksgiving centerpiece, we purchased a beautiful charger plate and some fall florals. The flowers were on sale because the stores are moving on to Christmas.

Easy Floral Centerpiece Supplies at

Gather up what supplies that you already have. To create this simple thanksgiving centerpiece. I started with all this stuff and did a little trial and error. I finally settled on using a short and squatty mason jar, small yellow orange flowers and sea glass. Put some sea glass (or beans or whatever filler you would like in the jar. 

Easy Floral Centerpiece for Thanksgiving at

I’m not a huge floral arranger, but I wanted to use these festive yellow orange flowers in my center piece. I had two bunches of the flowers. To make them a little shorter and easier to arrange, I bent the stem in half and then in a hook shape so it would fit in the mason jar.

Lovely Thanksgiving Centerpiece at

Place the mason jar on the charger plate and add some garland (I had this leftover from a wreath project). For the finishing touch to make the charger plate stand out, I placed it on a gold candle holder.  

Easy Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece at

Nice and easy, but still a stunning thanksgiving centerpiece. 

Centerpiece for Thanksgiving at

Now let me give you a sneak peak of what Sky created.
Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece 2 from Capital B
I hope you will hope on over and give Sky’s project a little love by clicking here
What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving season?

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