Pinecone Turkey Place Card Holder


Can you believe Thanksgiving is coming up so quickly? The days are going so fast! I love sharing simple ideas to make the holidays fun, like this easy pinecone turkey place card holder. This one is so easy that kids could do it (or those who are kids at heart). They are perfect for the kid and adult tables.

What I used:

  • pinecones (I bought mine at the store, but you could get them from outside just make sure to bake out the bugs)
  • craft foam (from the dollar store)
  • googley eyes
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • scissors

Pinecone Turkey Craft Supplies at

I started free handing a feather on a piece of the foam. Get creative and make the feathers however you want. I made mine a little bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom where they would be glued into the pinecone. After I made one and cut it out, I traced it on the other colors and cut each one out.


Snip a corner off an orange foam for the beak and then free hand a little red gobble (I’m not sure what the technical name is for this part of the turkey google tells me it is a snood).


Glue a row of feathers near the bottom of the pinecone (the pinecone will sit on its side when finished). In total I did six feathers. Just put a small dab of glue on the bottom of the feather and stick it into the pinecone.


Glue the red gobble to the top tip of the pinecone. Follow it up by gluing the beak on top of it.


To add the final touches glue two googley eyes above the beak.


Let the pinecone dry and add a funky fun place card. I just used a piece of card stock then glued a rectangle of a fun printed fabric and wrote the name on with permanent marker.


I love how adorable these pinecone turkey place card holders turned out. They are such a cute way to help guests find their seats at your thanksgiving dinner.


Pair the turkey place card holder with a baby pumpkin and burlap for a beautiful presentation.

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