Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub

I love the vibrant color red. It always tells a beautiful passionate story. So do the scents of orange and mulberry (even better when mixed). I might be getting into Valentine’s a little early here, but it’s ok right? There isn’t much else to celebrate since Christmas and New Years have passed. This Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Even if you have to give it to yourself so you can have a little me spa time.

Easy Gift! Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub at Sugar Scrubs are super easy to make and are so pampering. They make a perfect gift or valentine for friends, teachers and neighbors. You can create a sugar scrub using basic household items plus some essential oils (these can be ordered online). 

What you will need for Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub:

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • orange essential oil
  • mulberry essential oil
  • food coloring (optional, I tested mine with the food coloring and it didn’t stain the skin, but it would depend on what type you used)

Quick & Easy Sugar Scrub at

To make the sugar scrub mix the sugar and olive oil until completely combined. It will be crumbly. Add in a couple of drops of the orange oil and mulberry oil. Do a little at a time and add more to create a more intense scent. A little goes a long way. Add a couple drops of food coloring. If you don’t add the food coloring it will retain the color of the olive oil. This is fine unless you want a different color. I added some red to mine and it turned out really pretty.

Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub at

I absolutely adore these squatty mason jars. Adorable and the perfect size for Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub. This recipe will fill about four of these jars. Tie with baker’s twine and gift away and a perfect valentine heart.

Orange Mulberry Holiday Sugar Scrub at

It might be helpful to include these instructions: 

Wet hands and use a teaspoon of scrub to rub all over hands. Rinse under warm water. Pat dry. Follow with your favorite lotion.

Or I’ve created a printable tag that you can download here: Orange Mulberry Sugar Scrub Tags


What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Oh, I bet this smells and feels awesome, and it’s just the time of year to make these kind of things for dry skin!

    Have you ever used any type of oil other than olive oil?