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I love water, but sometimes it needs to be spiced up a little bit. You know a little flavor added. I am excited to be sharing with you one of my secrets for drinking more water and less sugary, carbonated drinks. Plus, I’m not really into all those artificially sweetened drink add ins. Instead fruit infused waters are a great way to keep refreshed and healthy. One of my favorite infused waters is Lemon Lime Infused Water.

Yummy Lemon Lime Infused Water at thebensonstreet.com

I love flavored beverages, but I hate all the calories and sugar. Eating more healthy can be a challenge, but it doesn’t mean giving up flavor. I decided to mix some great citrus fruits for a soda inspired beverage. Sprite, 7Up, lemon and lime were meant for each other. They are great in regular water, but I’ve added a secret ingredient to sweeten the deal. You know that’s right. Drinking water is going to be a breeze.

Easy Lemon Lime Infused Water

Honey!!! It is a great alternative to sugar. It is natural and has a wealth of health benefits. Even lemons and limes have their health benefits. 

To mix up Lemon Lime Infused Water, I used: 

  • one lemon
  • one lime
  • 1 tsp honey
  • crushed ice
  • water

First wash lemon and lime really well. Dry.

Slice lemon and lime in circles and cut in half.

Add honey to a glass. Fill with water. Stir.

Squeeze  some lemon and lime slices in glass. Add slices and ice to glass. Stir and enjoy.

This works great in a water bottle too. Add all the ingredients and just shake the bottle to mix.

Sweet Lemon Lime Infused Water at thebensonstreet.com

I love water with just plain old lemon and lime, but sometimes it just doesn’t hit my sweet drink tooth. So adding the honey gives it a little bit of a sweet flair. Helping me to drink more water like I should.

What are your tricks for drinking more water?

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