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Halloween Door Sign at thebensonstreet.com 
Ok you remember in the summer when I was a part of the 31 Days of Summer, let’s do it Halloween style now with one of the cutest girls, Allison of Cupcake Diaries. I am itching with the Halloween decor bug.
I haven’t had a Halloween wreath or door sign and this was the perfect opportunity.
Here are the supplies I used: 
  1. Decorative Sheet Metal (I got this at Hobby Lobby)
  2. Ribbon (thin & thick in contrasting colors)
  3. Wooden letters
  4. Baker’s Twine
  5. Spider embellishments (or other spooky things)
  6. Baker’s twine
  7. Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Halloween Door Sign Supplies at thebensonstreet.com

Start by weaving the thinner ribbon near the bottom of the decorative sheet metal.

Halloween door sign idea at thebensonstreet.com

After it has been weaved all the way across the sheet metal, glue down the edges and trim it so that it is right up to the edge of the metal.

Door Sign for Halloween at thebensonstreet.com

To tie on the letters, I used baker’s twine. String it through two holes in the sheet metal.

Wood Letter Halloween Sign at thebensonstreet.com

Place letter on top of the twine and tie a knot or a bow. Repeat with each letter.

Halloween Sign at thebensonstreet.com

After all the letters are tied on, I embellished the ribbon with a spooky spider to go along with the “EERIE” sign. Isn’t eerie a great halloween word. I was kind of over spooky and boo so I went with eerie. 

Spider Halloween Sign at thebensonstreet.com

Use the thicker ribbon to make a hanger for the door sign. Cut it a littler longer than the decorative sheet metal, depending on how far you want the sign to hang.

Easy Halloween Sign at thebensonstreet.com

Feed ribbon through the top corner of the sheet metal and tie a knot on the backside. Do the same with the other end on the other top corner.

Eerie Sign at thebensonstreet.com

Hang the sign on your door and enjoy. My trick for keep it straight and not moving all over: glue dots or zots. You can find these at craft stores in the scrapbooking section. I stuck one in each corner to keep it from moving around. Otherwise sometimes metal leaves marks on your door.

Eerie Halloween Door Sign at thebensonstreet.com #halloween #door

I love that it is not your typical halloween door sign or wreath, but it is a unique twist on outdoor decor.

Easy Halloween Door Sign at thebensonstreet.com #doorsign #halloween

It doesn’t just hang on doors. Hang it on brick or benches. Inside or out. 

Outdoor halloween decor at thebensonstreet.com

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