Fun ways to wrap gifts!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my sweet friend, gave me the cutest gift. It was a book and framed dried flower tied with twine and embellished with a key. I was in love. I still haven’t untied the twine. This gave me the idea to post a couple of out of the box gift wrapping ideas.

First, is the tied with twine look. It is simple, country chic and so cute. This technique could be used with many gifts. The fun is that the twine can be changed for ribbon or any other material to tie around the items. Then pick a cute embellishment that goes along with the gift. The antique key below is one of my favorite things. I have keys all over my home. They just have so much character.

Second, there are so many adorable reusable shopping bags. Rather than spend a couple of dollars on a gift wrapping bag, buy a reusable shopping bag and tissue paper to create a gift wrapping that can be reused again and again for multiple purposes. The handles could be tied together with ribbon for an extra cute touch.

Lastly, I have used baskets to wrap many gifts. It could be a goodie basket with candy, or gifts, a movie basket, a fruit basket or a random basket. Start with a basket and fill it with tissue paper or Easter egg basket grass or whatever you find for a filler on the bottom. Then arrange your gifts within the basket. I tied the one below with a ribbon on the handle. You can also place netting or cellophane under the basket and gather at the top and tie with a ribbon for an extra special touch.

Enjoy! Let me know what your favorite ways to wrap gifts are in the comments below! -E.B.



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