FREE Elf Sized Breakfast Printable: Elf On the Shelf Idea

Have fun with this idea for an elf sized breakfast printable. Have fun with a new elf tradition by serving up a mini sized breakfast with these free printables.

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Elf on the Shelf ideas! If you’re looking to add some extra magic to your holiday season, our Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable is the perfect addition to your elf’s morning routine. This delightful free elf printable includes a variety of miniature breakfast items that your elf can set up for your family to discover in the morning. Get ready for a whimsical and memorable experience that will bring joy and laughter to your home throughout the Christmas season. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and get prepared for a special treat and great way to set up your elf for the day.

Why You’ll Love This Free Printable:

Easy and Convenient: Our Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable takes the hassle out of planning and setting up your elf’s breakfast. With a variety of options to choose from, you can create a different scene multiple days without much extra effort. Use the cereal and milk for one day, and the bacon, orange juice and frying pan for another. I love seeing new ideas for elf setups that are quick and easy, but still a new fun location. Print off these fun things for an elf breakfast and then use one in the first of the month and one later one. 

Interactive and Imaginative: This printable encourages creativity and imagination as you and your family come up with fun scenarios for your elf’s breakfast. It’s a wonderful way to engage children and spark their imagination during the holiday season. Have fun doing silly things with the elf. Have him pouring the cereal box or orange juice into his mouth. These props could be used year after year even if you use white card stock paper and care when making them. 

Budget Friendly: All you need is to print off the breakfast items, cut out, and glue or tape the items together. Set up with breakfast items you already have or a great idea is to match the breakfast items. So if you are putting out the cereal, put out your own cereal too. Such a fun way to match the elf on the shelf printables. 

Customizable to Your Preferences: The best way to use these printables to use is to use them in your own way. You can use them all at once, use only a couple to spread the idea out over multiple days of elf moving. 

Printable Items Included in the Elf Sized Breakfast Printable Pack:

This printable breakfast elf kit comes with all a complete spread to make up a yummy elf breakfast scene for scout elves. 

Cereal: There is a box of special Cocoa Kringle Crunch complete with an elf on the box with his endorsement of this delicious elf sized cereal. Get extra creative and crush up chocolate cereal to put in the box after assembling.

Milk Carton: You can’t have cereal without milk! Add the cute milk carton next to the cereal box.

Orange Juice: Start the day off with this favorite breakfast drink! If you have Barbie or small doll kitchen supplies you can easily set thee out with the printable props.

Egg Carton: A carton of eggs to fry up in the frying pan. This one is so cute and really does look like a little mini egg carton.

Bacon Package: Fry up some delicious breakfast meat for your elf. He or she could even be holding the back of bacon in his hand and the frying pan in the other.

Frying Pans: There are actually two frying pans are included for a simple elf north pole breakfast printables kit. Simple cut out both and pick which one your elf is making when the kids find him. Or get extra creative and make a quick little stove top out of cardboard or again, borrow from a Barbie house.

Letterboard Sign: Cut out a mini letterboard sign that says: “Pour yourself a bowl of happiness. – Elf approved”. A cute way to keep up with good elf antics.

​Again, this printable is great because you can use all or any of the products to make this breakfast idea your own. Add items you have on hand or just make it simple and easy with the provided breakfast products. 

Variations for Using the Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable:

Miniature Pancake Party: Set up a tiny pancake buffet with mini pancakes, syrup, and toppings like berries, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. Your elf can be the chef, serving up delicious breakfast treats for your family. This will make for a fun elf on the shelf north pole breakfast.

Cereal Extravaganza: Create a miniature cereal bar with a tiny cereal box, milk carton, and spoon (I’d borrow one from the Barbie house). Your elf can be the cereal connoisseur, sampling cereals and leaving notes about their good behavior with this special breakfast.

Breakfast Toy Party: Set up the elf sized breakfast with the elf and some of your child’s favorite things. Use other toys from action figures to small dolls such as Barbies for a breakfast! 

Special Note: If your children are having a little bit of a hard time following the elf on the shelf rules, or staying on the nice list, don’t forget you can always leave a note with your elf to help them remember to follow rules and be good.

Common Questions about Elf-Sized Breakfast Printables:

Can I customize the printable? To your preferences, yes! The file is a pdf file that cannot be altered, but feel free to add your own personal touch by coloring or decorating the printables to match your elf’s personality or your family’s preferences. And feel free to only use some or all of the fun ideas for the printable breakfast products and supplies.

How do I print the elf-sized breakfast items? Simply download the printable file, print it on cardstock or regular paper, and cut out the individual items. You can also laminate them for durability. I would recommend using card stock for the best durability of the printable pack and taping or glueing the printables together as shown on the printables in the breakfast elf kit.

Are these printable free for commercial use?

No, these printables are for personal use only. You may print copies for you or share this blog post with others, but you are not allowed to sell my printables.

How to Use the Printable:

  1. Download the Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable from our website.
  2. Print the file on cardstock or regular paper at home or at your local print shop.
  3. Cut out the individual breakfast items.
  4. Set up a miniature breakfast scene using the printables and any additional props you’d like to include.
  5. In the morning, let your children discover the magical breakfast surprise left by their mischievous favorite elf having holiday fun.

How to Use the Elf Shelf Tradition:

Elf on the Shelf is a beloved holiday tradition where an scout is sent from the North Pole to watch over children and report back to Santa Claus. The elf moves to a different location in the house each night, creating a sense of wonder and excitement for children as they wake up to find their elf in a new spot each morning. The Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable adds an extra touch of magic to this tradition by providing a fun and interactive activity for your elf to engage in. The elf usually appears on December 1st through the 24th and then returns to the North Pole until Next Year. This is a cute idea to encourage children to end up on the nice list with a simple Christmas tradition that kids will look forward too.

This printable elf breakfast is a simple way to make the tradition easier with printable props that young children will have so much fun seeing in the morning. Download the printable files at the bottom of this post for the printable props for an elf breakfast.

While the elf tradition might not be for all families, the reason many families enjoy it is the fun memories made during the holiday season. There are so many creative ways to set up an elf from simple to complex, but what the kids will remember is the fun they had waking up to see where their own elf moved to every day and hopefully it helps kids to stay off the naughty list.

Tips for Printing:

To make the most of the Printable Elf accessories for Breakfast, follow these tips for printing and playing:

  1. Quality Printing: Ensure your printer is set to high-quality printing to enhance the readability of the game sheets.
  2. Sufficient Copies: Print enough copies for your needs.
  3. Lamination or Sheet Protectors: Consider laminating the printables or placing them in sheet protectors to make them reusable and more durable.

My favorite Printable Supplies:

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  • Printer: I love my HP home Printer, it prints beautifully everytime no matter what projects I am working on.
  • Paper: Depending on the durability you want with your printables, consider printing on card stock or high quality paper.
  • Laminator: For printables you are planning to use over and over again, simply laminate and use dry erase markers to mark up the printables.

Digital download for the best elf breakfast printable props:

Please remember my printables are for personal use only.

In conclusion, our Elf-Sized Breakfast Printable is a fantastic way to enhance your Elf on the Shelf experience and create lasting memories with your family. From miniature pancakes to a cereal extravaganza, the possibilities are endless with this delightful printable. Get ready to embark on a magical journey filled with laughter, joy, and the spirit of the holiday season. Don’t forget to move that cute elf to a new location each day to keep the spirit of this tradition alive. Merry Christmas!

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