Fall Wind Chimes Craft for Kids

I’m in the So You Think You’re Crafty Competition still! I’m down to the final four! I hope you will pop over here and vote. Meanwhile, last week I shared this Fall Wind Chimes Craft for Kids and now want to show you the whole project.

Cute Fall Craft for Kids Fall Wind Chimes at thebensonstreet.com I like that this craft was simple enough for kids, and got them out and active. To start this project take a walk with the kids and gather the following supplies.

  • sticks
  • pine cones
  • rocks
  • Anything else they might want to use in their wind chimes

I added a couple of things from the craft store.

  • wooden beads
  • metal tea light holders (from target dollar spot)
  • twine
  • hot glue gun and glue

Some of this project kids can do on their own and some of it will require adult help (depending on age this will vary).

Fall Wind Chime Supplies for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

To get started take two sticks and tie them with the twine in the center (or just use one long stick).

Fall Wind Chimes with Nature at thebensonstreet.com

Put the kids to work painting the rocks they found in fall colors. Let the rocks dry completely.

Painted Rocks for Fall Wind Chimes for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

I found these awesome tea light holders in the Target dollar spot. I thought they would be perfect to use in the wind chimes against the rocks. I just broke off the pumpkin from the holder part.

Tea Light holders for Wind Chimes at thebensonstreet.com

When all your supplies is gathered, start having the kids arrange their items in the order they want them on their wind chimes.

Ours ended up having nine different wind chime strands. Two on each of the four spokes and one in the middle.

Wind Chimes for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

To create the strands, take a piece of twine (make each strand about the same length and a little longer than you want them to hang, because as you tie the items to the twine it gets shorter).

For the beads, I strung the bead through the twine and then back through again so that is stayed in a specific spot rather than just falling toward the bottom.

Wind chimes for kids with beads at thebensonstreet.com

For rocks, I tied the wine around it and tied a knot. Add a little glue to secure the rocks. I glued at the knot and under the twine on the opposite side from the knot. To attach the pine cones I tied them on with another piece of twine.

Just string through the tea light holders. If the tea light holder is at the bottom tie a knot and then string through the tea light.

Easy Fall Wind Chimes for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

Make sure that whatever is on the bottom of each strand is tied with a knot. After each strand is finished tie it to the stick. Add a dab of hot glue on the knot and tie again to secure it.

Cute Fall Wind Chimes for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

Almost finished. Here is how I tied all the different wind chime strands onto the wind chime stick base.

Fall Wind Chimes at thebensonstreet.com

It turned out great. It works amazing! Especially when rocks and the metal are placed opposite of each other. For my middle strand I made sure there were some good rocks on it to allow it to hit all the other parts of the chime around it.

Fall Wind Chimes Kids can make at thebensonstreet.com It is always windy around my house, so this adds a nice little tinkling to the wind. Plus super fun for kids to be creative!

Festive Fall Wind Chime Craft for Kids at thebensonstreet.com

What other great things would you use in making a fall wind chimes craft for kids?


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  1. ahhh! I totally voted for that project!!! Its so great that you made it to the final four. It think I only got to six…. great work. I really, really love this project!! Pinned!

  2. Lindo o seu projeto!!
    Sino dos ventos são lindos! Amoooo!!!
    Vou fazer e colocar em jardim das fadas!!!
    Minha filha vai amar.Obrigada por compartilhar a idéia.