DIY Silverware Kitchen Clock

Oh friends, I’ve been having lots of fun partying with some awesome bloggers in the So You Think You’re Crafty contest. Today I’d like to share with you my tutorial for my silverware kitchen clock. 

Silverware Kitchen Clock Tutorial at thebensonstreet.comThe challenge for the first week was “In The Kitchen.” I thought it would be fun to make something I could use in my kitchen made from kitchen items. I used a charger plate for the face and silverware for hands.

To get started let’s gather some supplies!

  • clock making kit (I found mine at Michael’s
  • charger plate (plastic)
  • antique silverware (doesn’t have to be antique, but it gives it a unique flair)
  • spray paint
  • chipboard or vinyl numbers
  • vinyl decal or rub-on
  • super glue
  • craft paint

I started by drilling a hole the size of the clock kit. I had to drill it a couple times to make sure that the clock kit fit perfectly.

Kitchen Plate Clock at

I used a green spray paint to paint the charger plate. Spray a light layer of paint and let dry. Repeat until completely covered.  The key to good spray painting is light layers. Don’t lay it on too thick. Set aside the clock face.

Spray Painted Kitchen Clock at

Using a drill or drill press, drill holes in the silverware. To decide where to place the holes put the plate clock face on the clock kit and see where you want the holes. Make sure that there is enough difference to look like a minute hand and an hour hand. 

Make your own clock at

Using the hour and second hands from the clock kit makes it easier to know how large to make the holes. This is IMPORTANT, so that the silverware will fit on the clock kit correctly.

Easy DIY Kitchen Clock at

Once the holes are drilled, the silverware will need to be flattened so that there will be enough clearance as the hands tick around the clock. Use a rubber mallet to flatten the silverware. Using a rubber mallet will help prevent dings in the silverware. If you are frustrated this is a great activity!

Silverware Clock Tutorial Step at

If you want to dress up the clock face with a vinyl decal or rub-on add it now. I used this white scroll decal. My kitchen is white, black and green, so it ties it in perfectly.

Kitchen Clock Tutorial at

For the numbers I just used chipboard numbers that I painted black. 

Funky Kitchen Clock at

Use craft paint and a brush to cover the numbers, or if you want cut out vinyl numbers. I like the the chipboard numbers give the clock more dimension.

Kitchen Clock Fun at

Once the painted chipboard numbers are dry, I used super glue to fix the numbers to the charger plate.

Kitchen Clock with chipboard numbers at

Let the super glue dry and you are almost done!

Kitchen Clock Making at

Assemble the clock. 

Kitchen Silverware Clock Making at

The instructions on the back will help a lot here. Put the charger plate on the clock kit, then add the silverware  hands and second hand. Complete! You have created this fabulous silverware kitchen clock.

Silverware Clock Making at

Isn’t it just beautiful. I am in love with the kitchen clock. I’m so glad that it is something so unique and vintage. 

Silverware Kitchen Clock at

I love the green, the silverware and that now I’ve got a great decor piece to brighten up my kitchen.

Silverware Kitchen Clock Making at

I hope you’ve been following along with the competition and will continue to vote throughout the next few weeks! For those of you who have thanks so much!

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  1. Love this project! This is so versatile, just by changing number style, paint color, and decals.
    Question: Do I need to buy a certain size clock kit? I wonder about the motor’s ability to turn heavy silverware clock hands.

    1. It depends on the thickness of the silverware and the plate or back you use. There are different sizes of the screw length that hold it together. I would measure first and then buy. I would also try to find light silverware, because it does help with the motor being able to work.