DIY Gilmore Girls Shirt

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Are you ready for the big Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? I know I am. My only issue is how to decide on when I am going to watch it between family for the holidays, wanting to do some black friday shopping and probably needing some sleep in there. No matter when I watch it or if I’m shopping on Black Friday, then I will be wearing this Gilmore Girls DIY Quote Shirt! I know you might want one too, don’t worry you can make your own! Plus, I’ve got some more great Gilmore Girls inspired ideas.


Let’s just talk about this quote first. Rory is planning a huge D.A.R. event in season six. Emily isn’t sure she can handle it, but Richard has her back with this quote: “Emily, please. It’s Rory. What she tackles, she conquers. This girl could name the state capitals at 3, recite the periodic table at 4, discuss Schopenhauer’s influence on Nietzsche when she was 10. She’s read every book by every author with a Russian surname and had a 4.2 grade-point average at one of the toughest schools on the east coast. If she’s excluding salmon puffs, she has a good reason to exclude salmon puffs. And I, for one, have complete confidence in her ability to tackle this job, and so should you.”


And conquered she did! Let’s all take a page out of Rory’s book and conquer all that we tackle. Like making this shirt. It might seem hard, but no it’s not! 


How to make your own Gilmore Girls Shirt

  1. Buy a plain shirt. Any color you like. 
  2. You will need Heat Transfer Vinyl (I used Jade) and Silhouette Cutting Machine.
  3. Download the What She Tackles, She Conquers Quote (click on the words and then right click and save the image to your computer).
  4. Open Silhouette Studio with a new project, then open the quote image you just downloaded. Use the Trace function. Make sure to measure your shirt and size the image appropriately. The image is already mirrored so all you will need to do is cut out your vinyl. 
  5. Remove the excess vinyl from the clear top coating of the vinyl.
  6. Then heat your iron up nice and hot. Position the vinyl in the correct spot on the shirt.
  7. Cover the shirt with a cloth and then iron over the quote for 30 to 45 seconds. Then check to see if the vinyl is sticking to shirt by pulling up the clear top coating. If it is sticking to the clear coating then repeat step seven.
  8. Once the vinyl has adhered to the shirt you are all done! 


I hope you enjoy watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life wearing a brand new Gilmore Girls Shirt!

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