Christmas Tree Paper Clips

DIY Christmas Tree Paper Clips at

I love a quick and easy holiday craft that adds something cute to a gift. Christmas is right around the corn and I’ve got a great way to add some spice and cheer to holiday gift tags with Christmas Tree Paper Clips. They are simple enough that the kids can help you make them and then you can use them to clip gift tags to gifts.

All you need to make this craft is:

  • green paper
  • brown paper
  • paper clips
  • hot glue gun and glue

Christmas Tree Paperclips at

To make the Christmas tree paper clips start by cutting out small triangles of the green paper. Then cut out a small rectangle out of the brown paper for the stump of each tree. 

Put a small dab of glue on the back of the green paper and glue the small brown rectangle to the back of the tree. 

Glue the paper clip to the back of the tree by putting a small dab of glue on the back and placing the paper clip in the glue. Follow that up with a little more glue to seal the paper clip in.

Let dry and use to embellish gifts with the adorable trees.

Adorable Paper Christmas Tree Paper Clips at

They are so easy and adorable. If you want to get a little more into the craft, add little ornaments or a star to the top of the trees.

Easy to make Christmas Tree Paperclips at

Or another way to get creative is to make ornament , star, gingerbread, etc. paper clips. Use your imagination and all sorts of paper.

Create your own Christmas Tree Paper Clips at

What ways do you spice up your gift wrap or gift tags?


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