Build Your Blog Conference Review

In February I got to go to my first ever blog conference, and I had a ball! Build Your Blog Conference was hosted by Six Sisters Stuff. I want to share with you a couple of things that I learned (they were good things to learn whether or not you blog). 

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Cute Blog Friends: Ashley, Megan, Adrienne, Andie.

Keynote Speaker

The key speaker was super inspiring. Brooke Walker, the host of Studio 5 an awesome lifestyle show on KSL in Salt Lake had some great insights. My two major take aways from her keynote address are:

  1. Fill others buckets. Read this cute children’s book, you can find it here. Don’t get too big, or self-absorbed to compliment or help another. Serve. Karma, what goes around comes around!!!
  2. Find your focus. This is kind of like a goal or purpose. Whatever it is write it down and fight for it. Don’t let things that are not in your focus influence what you spend your time on. Do things to further your focus.

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Cute Nat & Holly of My Sister’s Suitcase teaching a class (It was so hard to get a good picture of them teaching between the heads in front of me).

Random Class Thoughts

  • I love pinterest, just like you. You want to know what I love about pinterest? It is all stuff that we create or post. The content on pinterest is all generated by users. You pin what you like and so does everyone else, so you create the content!!! 


  • You got’s to hustle! Whatever you want to be or whatever you want to do you have got to hurry and work hard. Don’t wait! Just act!


  • Utilize your time! Don’t waste your time doing things that you could have manage more effectively. Schedule posts, pins, tweets, etc. Be smart with your time.


  • Don’t compare yourself to others. I repeat, DON’T compare yourself to others. We are all at different points and places in life. Some of us can do more than others can. We give a little here and there, but in the end celebrate your successes. Don’t minimize what you’ve become just because some one is further along than you.


  • Network. Network. Network. It’s all about who you know. I thought it was so interesting that some of the bloggers I approached at this conference, looked at me like, “Why is this crazy girl talking to me.” I thought it was weird. Going to a conference like this is to build your network of people. I realize not all of us are outgoing, but don’t be afraid to get to know others. Just talk and make friends!t

BYBC Review at www.thebensonstreet.comMe with one of my blog crushes, Desiree from The 36th Avenue!!! It was so fun to meet her and chat.

I hope you will step out of your comfort zone and have some fun!!!



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