2017 Extreme Book Nerd Challenge

I now we are almost to March, but I wanted to tell you about a fun challenge I’m working on this year. At my local library they are doing an Extreme Book Nerd Challenge. Basically it is 50 books in 50 weeks. But not just any books, they have to fit certain categories. 


Here is the list of categories for this year’s extreme book nerd challenge:

So that is a lot of books, especially since Miss JJ, loves to have me be at her side all the time. I’m trying to help her with independent play (any suggestions) while I read or do other work around the house. I think it’s helping. Although I’m late sharing my book journey with you, I am on track to finish. I just finished my 10th book yesterday. Woo hoo! So every Wednesday I’m going to share a book review of what I’ve been reading. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t loved every book I’ve read yet, but I have read some that I never would have and loved. 

I hope you will follow along and leave me your favorite book suggestions in the comments. Check back next Wednesday for my first book review!

Until next week, check out these book related ideas:

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  1. I’m all for anything that promotes more reading! I love to read, and get through a LOT of books – at least 3 a week. Because I can’t work for health reasons, I “fund” this habit by downloading free books and helping authors with editing and/or advanced reading their books in return for honest reviews. I set myself a goal of 100 books this year, but so far have read nearly double that – and the years not over yet! But I love your ideas for different book types, so might include some of them in my reading the next few months too.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire
    Donna x