2015 Graduation Bookmarks

Printable Class of 2015 Graduation Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

Each year I love to whip up a different batch of gradation bookmarks. This year I’ve kept them simple and fun with a just a touch of graduation. These 2015 Graduation Bookmarks are the perfect gift for all the grads in your life. They are so easy to print off on a thick paper, cut out, place in a book and gift away. I’ve even created three styles this year so you can pick the perfect printable for each graduate.

Cloud 2015 Printable Graduation Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

The first look is the clouds printable 2015 graduation bookmark. This bookmark is perfect for a nature lover, dreamer or someone who just likes pretty scenes. 

Printable Cloud 2015 Graduation Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

Find the printables at the end of the post!

Class of 2015 Printable Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

The next style is a cork board! I love the look of this one and think it is perfect for any reader. It keeps the bookmark simple, with a touch of a reminder of school. 

2015 Cork Board Printable Graduation Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

This would be a great option for a graduate who will be continuing schooling. 

Printable 2015 Grad Bookmark Printables at thebensonstreet.com

My personal favorite is this bokeh light style. It looks like a party! Grads should be partying because they made it! 

Awesome Printable Class of 2015 Bookmarks at thebensonstreet.com

Give this bookmark to the graduate who likes to have fun, loves color and is a free spirit!

To download the bookmarks click on the correct style below and print out on card stock paper. Laminate to ensure bookmarks last extra long.

Printable Class of 2015 Graduation Bookmarks:

Cloud Class of 2015 Bookmarks

Cork Class of 2015 Bookmarks

Bokeh Light Class of 2015 Bookmarks

Just a reminder, these printables are free for personal use. 

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