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I remember being a little girl and always wanting long princess hair. Then I would want a change and cut it in a short bob. When I was in high school I vowed that I would have long long hair. Not like straggly long hair, but long gorgeous hair. Here are my tips for growing out hair.

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Before I begin, I want to put a little disclaimer. ***I am not a cosmetologist. I am just sharing with you what worked for me and tips that I’ve read about or learned about in the past few years from magazines or cosmetologists.***

Let’s start with a picture of me a few years ago in college. My hair is longer here than it was in high school, but it still wasn’t quite where I wanted it. 

Tips for Growing out Hair at

Emily’s Tips for Growing Out Hair

  1. Detangler: As my hair has gotten longer it seems that it gets tangled more easily. I hate this. It hurts and makes for a rough morning. I have two types of detangler that I like to use. The first one is the kids stuff. Double-Dutch Apple Detangling Spray from Suave works wonders and I love the fruity smell. The second is a little more mature. It is a leave in conditioner that has 10 benefits, It’s a Ten is an all time favorite. Detangling and conditioning help keep hair soft and prevent breakage.
  2. Brushing & CombingMaybe I am a nerd and didn’t know how to properly brush my hair until college, but this really does help keep your hair healthy. Healthy hair = longer hair. My friend was in hair school while I was in college and she did sew in hair extensions for me. It was fun except for brushing and combing. Only because I was doing it wrong. Start at the ends and work your way to the roots. I always did it the opposite. Which is awful with extensions. ****Clarification: start by getting the knots out of the end of your hair and then move up a little bit more and remove the tangles. Move up to the roots and then when all the tangles are gone, brush from the roots to the ends, rather than starting at the roots trying to force your way through the tangles. Sorry if that was confusing.**** It is also good to hold the section of hair you are brushing with one hand so you aren’t yanking it out from the roots. It’s the little things that make the difference.
  3. Washing Schedule: Remember all those old movies where the pretty girls alway use the excuse that they needed to wash their hair to avoid going out with some undesirable guy. I used to think that was so weird, because I washed my hair everyday. I am not even joking. It pained me to think of not washing my hair. I was vain and all into attracting boys. Now I’m married and so I think that helped me in letting the washing schedule change from daily to every other day. I do only wash my hair every other day! I think this was one of the biggest things that helped in growing my hair out. It helped keep the good oils in my hair and brushing helps distribute them. It also cut down on drying and heat styling. If you are a little squeamish about an oily scalp, try a dry shampoo (I use Got2B Dry Shampoo). It really helps I promise!
  4. Heat: Oh I love the heat styling tools. But first watch this video (below) if you haven’t already. Ok I curl my hair like that all the time, but don’t turn the heat up as high as it goes on the curling iron or straightener. Try to keep it at low to medium heat. Try not to hold your hair in the heat for too long. Take it slow.  Another way you can burn your hair is by spraying it with hair spray and then curling it. I just found out about this. It is really bad for your hair! On my off day of hair washing I try to do something to give my hair a vacation from all the heat. I will put it in a bun, braid or pony. Plus this saves a ton of time getting ready in the morning! When I have time I will air dry my hair instead of using the hair dryer if possible.
  5. Give it Time: It took me years to get my hair to the length I wanted it to be. Now I am savoring it. I get it trimmed every couple months. I always thought my hair would only grow to the length it was in my college picture. But when I changed the way I was caring for my hair it made a big difference and it broke through that length and gave me soo much more.

Here is my hippie hair, but I love it. I can do so much with it. But mostly I’m a wear it down kind of girl.


Tips for growing out long hair at

What are your tips for growing out hair?!?! I would love to hear what worked for you!

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  1. Emily….what do you mean brush it from the ends to the roots??? Haha that seams like crazy talk to me!

    1. I clarified it in the post again, sorry that was kind of confusing. I just mean start at the end and get the tangles out and then move up until all the tangles are gone and then comb from roots to the ends. I hope that helps, Thanks for telling me that that was confusing!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I have grown mine a bit but it is driving me crazy…but I really want to keep going. I will be using your tips!

    I also emailed you about being a guest selector on tickled pink…but as I was following up realized your email was a no-reply…so you never got it. If you are still interested…shoot me an email!

  3. Love the tips! Growing mine out now so they’re a big help 🙂 Pinning! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend Wonders. Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Nice tips Emily…but i guess one tip is missing and that is using coconut oil in your hair before washing it which makes your hair grow strong and its a natural treatment which is followed by many…what are your thoughts?