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I am always in the need for some girl time, so a Sally Hansen Street Style nail party was the perfect way to get together. I heart my nail art! Walgreens has a great selection of all the nessesities for a girls night in.

Street Style Nail Party Collage at


I love doing my nails. I like to get fancy or just splash on some color quick. I was so excited to host a Girls Night In with Street Style Nail Art and Sally Hansen.

To get prepped for the big girls night, I headed to Walgreens with my Balance Rewards card in hand (I take all the help I can get when it comes to saving money). 


I just love the sight of all the endless color possibilities lined up in perfect rows.


You can see more of my shopping trip at Walgreens here.

To get ready for the party, I knew I would need lots of treats. Veggies, watermelon, chocolate and doughnuts sounded just about right for a girls night in. Pleased everyone!

Nail Party Food at

You know I love some good SWAG! So I knew my girls needed some serious Sally Hansen Street Style SWAG. Here is how I put together their swag:

Salon Effects Strips at

I found these adorable chevron “fry” boxes to fill with chocolate, cotton balls, nail files, Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips and of course Sally Hansen nail polishes. It was so easy and such a funky change from a regular old swag bag!

Sally Hansen Street Style Nail Party Boxes at

Sally Hansen offers so much variety and is so on trend with the new street style strips, crackle and magnetic paints. This trend is bringing me back to the 90’s a little bit. Remember that funky grunge look. It is so coming back.

Nail Party Fun Boxes at

Patterned nail strips, funky colors and new nail techniques made it so fun to put together the ultimate swag boxes.

French Tip Pen at

I love this French Manicure pen. It was great for making funky French tips and drawing designs on nails.

Girls Night In Nail Party with Sally Hansen at

Once all the girls started rolling in we hit up pinterest for some inspiration (you can find that inspiration here or check out Sally Hansen I Heart My Nail Art). It was amazing what everyone came up with. I love when you put a bunch of creative minds together and see what you come up with!

Sally Hansen Girls Night In at

Let’s check out their creations.

Chevron Nails at

Love the mint, free hand chevrons and glitters. Products used: Gem Crush Polish, Xtreme Wear Polish, French Tip Manicure Pen.

Blue Street Style Nails at

Great combo of blues. Products used: Salon Effects Strips and Xtreme Wear polish.

Crackle Nails at

Love the definition of this crackle. Products used Crackle Nail Polish.

Glitter Street Nails at

This look combined so many different colors. I love the iridescent teals. Products used: Xtreme Wear and Gem Crush Polishes.

Yellow Street Style Nails at

Sometimes nice and simple is a great way to make a bold street color stand out. Products used: Xtreme Wear Polish.

Pink and White Crackle Nails at

Crackle paints make such a funky street look. Love the white and pink combo. Products used: Xtreme Wear and Crackle polishes.

Street Style Yellow Nails at

A little bit of everything. Magnetic, print and bold color. Products used: Salon Effects Strips, Xtreme Wear and Magnetic polishes.

Street Style Swirl Glitter Nails at Magnetic Glitter Nails at

Love the funky fun swirl and all the waves in the rich magnetic polish. Products used: Xtreme Wear, Magnetic and Gem Crush polishes.

Pink Crackle Nails at

I love doing the thumb in a funky swirl and crackling the other nails. Products used: Xtreme Wear and Crackle polishes.

Sponged Nails at

This is such a neat graffiti technique. Paint with one color and then sponge on a different color with a cotton ball at the tips. Turned out gorgeous. Products used: Xtreme Wear Nail polishes.

Girls Night In Street Style Sally Hansen Nails at

All the ladies showing of their #iheartmynailart!

While we were partying my friend Heather taught us this super cool water marbling technique. I want to share a quick tutorial on it for you.

Here is Heather showing the steps:

Water Marbling Nails at

  1. Paint your FINGER with white school glue (not the nail). This will make it easy to peel paint off of your skin. Let dry.
  2. Get a small cup of water and pick 2-4 colors of polish.
  3. Drop a couple drops of each color in.
  4. Swirl polishes together with a toothpick.
  5. Dip nail into water and remove.
  6. Let paint dry.
  7. Peel off glue and you’ve got a swirly marble nail.

Using this tutorial I created the following nail look!

Coral, Mint and Gold Marble Swirl Street Style Nail Art

Nail Marbling at Coral Mint Gold Marbling Nails at

I really do #iheartmynailart!!! It turned out so beautiful and it inspired me to try other more daring looks. I can’t wait to share my other looks with you.

Check out other ideas for rocking street style nail art by clicking the picture below.

photo (16)

Connect with Sally Hansen:



Connect with Walgreens:


 Walgreens is always having great sales. Check out their ad and their monthly coupon book. This week they will be having a great sale on some Sally Hansen nail supply.


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