Princess Debit Card (for mini shoppers)

Cute Girl

I want to introduce you to this adorable little girlie. This is my niece. She loves to make cards and crafts. She tells her mom that she is always making stuff for my blog. So I want to share something I made for her!

This little girlie loves to shop, craft and play. She never stops! She always tells her mom she needs her cash, her debit card and some value fries. So I wanted to make her a debit card that looked real.

Princess Credit Card at The Benson Street

Princess Debit Card

First I saved some of those fake credit card that come in the mail. Then I created this cute printable. I printed it out, glued the printable to the card and laminated it. So easy, but so fun. I have included the printable. Add your mini shoppers name and you are set.

Princess Debit Card at The Benson Street2

Hope this is something fun that you can share with all your little shoppers.

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Download the debit card here: Princess Debit Card


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