Lucky Loom Band Printable

Lucky Loom Band Printable at

A couple of weeks ago while working with the youth in my church, we made these super addictive (I have a serious problem) loom band bracelets. For some reason, I just want to keep making them. It is like a nervous twitch that I can’t control! I don’t even wear them but love how they keep my hands busy. While I was weaving away, I made a green one. Green is my favorite color and because green is my favorite color,  I love St. Patrick’s Day!

Green St Patricks Loom Band Printable

To go with my green loom band bracelets I created a printable to give my green loom band bracelets to my friends (by friends I mean the youth in my church because they absolutely love these bracelets).

Loom Bands Printable for St Patricks Day at

The loom bands are perfect to make sure you have a little green to wear for March 17! I sometimes like to be a little deceiving by only wearing a little bit of green. So I will probably wear one of these loom bands on St. Patty’s Day.

Lucky Loom Band Bracelet Printable at

This printable gift is also great to have on hand for others who might desperately need a little green on St. Patty’s. You know the ones who wake up late and forget that it is an important holiday!

St Patrick's Loom Bands at

There are so many fun combinations of loom band bracelets that I can make. I love all the bands. Plus pair green with pink, blue, white, yellow or purple for a fun twist on the traditional green of St. Patrick’s Day.

Pinch Protection St Patricks Day Loom Bands at

If you love St. Patrick’s Day as much as I do you will need to download the printable here: Lucky Loom Band Printable! Enjoy!

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