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July’s Blog Hop
Life’s a Beach!
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I love this time of year the weather’s warm and for a few months the world seems to slow down a bit…And so with that being said we figured since all of us are land locked and dreaming of being at the beach; we’d  use our crafty skillz to bring a little beach ambiance to our landlocked homes and lives. So if you too are wishing and dreaming of being at the beach, join our club and enjoy our “Beachy” best!  Better yet pull up a seat, but your feet in a kiddie pool and grab an ice cold drink of your personal preference and cool off with these refreshing ideas. 
8 Blogs 8 Awesome "Beachy" ideas that will rock your world!!!
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Let’s get down to business and make this gorgeous beach style life preserver wreath.
I have split the supplies into two portions. For this first part you will need:
  • Red & White Ribbon
  • Wreath Form
  • Floral Picks
Life Preserver Wreath Tutorial at
First start by wrapping the wreath with the white ribbon (or the red it doesn’t really matter which).
I attached mine with the floral picks but hot glue would work as well. I just wanted to be about to take the ribbon off if I want to make a different wreath with the same wreath form.
Life Saver Wreath Tutorial at
Wrap it tightly but space it out just enough so that the ribbon covers, but isn’t wasteful. Secure the end with another floral pick.
Life Saver Tutorial at
Wrap four equally spaced and sized sections with the red ribbon starting and ending with a floral pick to secure the ribbon to the wreath form.
Life Saver Wreath DIY at
The rest of the supplies for this life preserver wreath are found here:
  • Recycled Fishing Net (found it at Michael’s)
  • Seashells (could use ones you find at the beach or I bought these at Ross for $4)
  • Rope
Life Preserver Wreath with Seashells at
Start by creating some sort of weaved rope look for the hook to hang the wreath. I just took two pieces and twisted them. Don’t forget to burn the ends so it doesn’t fray (love doing this, it is fascinating).
 Life Saver Wreath Idea at
I glued the ends together before I glued it to the back of the wreath form. Just glue the hook to the back of the wreath form and make sure it is secure (use enough hot glue here).
Life Saver Beach Wreath at
Wrap the net around the wreath and secure it with more floral picks. Leave some parts of the net whimsically loose.
Life Preserver Beach Wreath at
Arrange your seashells on the wreath and in the net. Glue shells down with hot glue.
Life Saver Wreath with Net at
Let everything dry and hang up and listen for the waves.
Life Preserver Beachy Wreath at
I hung mine on the front door. It is such a fun pop summery beachy pop for my outdoor decor.
Life Preserver DIY with Rope at
I love the variety of shells I was able to use. It makes me want to head to the coast and hunt for shells.
Life Preserver Wreath with Nets at
I love that I found this recycled fishing net. I am a texture girl. I love to feel things and how they feel. This net has great texture.
Life Saver Wreath with Seashells at
Are you decorating your home with any beach themed decor in your home? How and Where?
Life Preserver Beach Style Wreath at
I hope that you will sit back and enjoy this month’s blog hop theme of “Life’s a Beach.” Take a second to grab a lemonade and enjoy life for a moment. Pretend you’re at the beach! I know I need to! Have fun hopping around to all these great beach projects!!!
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  1. I just love this! I am putting together a roundup of beachy crafts and I’d love to include this. If you’d prefer I didn’t include it, please email me at nancy(dot)verly(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!