10 Beautiful Ikea Hacks

Maybe I’ve told you, maybe I haven’t, but I am pretty much obsessed with IKEA. But who isn’t right? The prices are great and everything is so modern. Did I mention I can go drop $100 at IKEA and come away with a ton of stuff? So you get the picture, I love it. I wish the closest IKEA wasn’t 3 hours away. My husband wishes it was more than 3 hours away. I’ve been drooling over all the amazing IKEA Hacks, so I picked my ten favorite ones to share today. They really are beautiful and creative.10 Beautiful Ikea Hacks at thebensonstreet.com

Let’s get inspired!

Painted Dresser

I just love the whimsy of this Painted Dresser by Pinja Colada.


I really need to do this with my coat closet because I don’t have a mudroom. Mudroom Closet by Entirely Eventful Day.

Malm Dress Hollywood Regency

Love the old style feel of this Malm Hollywood Regency Dresser by Ikea Hackers.

Stand Up Desk

I just feel like I need to be important enough to have a Standing or Sitting Desk By Kelli Anderson.

Upcycled Lantern with Glitter Key at www.thebensonstreet.com

I just love lanterns, don’t you! Lantern Hack by The Benson Street

Upholstered Headboard

I am planning an Upholstered Headboard redo, this one is perfect by Place of My Taste.

Sewing Table

Another must have on my list: Sewing Table Hack by Make it Handmade

DIY Marble Coffee Table

You won’t believe how to make this DIY Marble Coffee Table by Poppy Talk.

Indoor Shutters

This is just genius! Bed Slats to Indoor Shutters by Vintage News Junkie.

diy painted striped rug

And lastly this pretty Striped Painted Rug by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

What you have you hacked at IKEA? I will need to know for my next trip!


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  1. I love the sewing table. I have a old table that would be perfect. I would have never thought of that!