Holiday Gift Guide: Classic Toys for Kids

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15 Classic Toys for Kids a holiday gift guide at

Maybe you are like me and you’ve been planning and shopping for Christmas since September. Or you are just starting to look for the perfect gift, I’ve got some great ideas for you. As a new parent. I love to share classics with my children. Think Etch A Sketch, but re-imaged a little bit. Plus, all of these great gifts you can find on Amazon so with Amazon Prime you can order almost right up until Christmas. 

Top Ten Classic Toys for Kids

1. Star Wars Play-Doh Millennium Falcon Playset. I already have tickets to the The Force Awakens! If you are like me you are sharing in the revival of Star Wars with your kids. The Play-doh cans are even the classic star wars characters. 

Millenium Falcon

2. Disney Princess Royal Palace Play-Doh Playset. I know my daughter and all my nieces love all things princesses. Girls will love love helping Rapunzel’s hair grow and dressing up Cinderella and Ariel. I think I might want this set for myself.

Royal Palace

3. Mega Bloks or Lego’s. I remember grabbing our huge bucket of legos and dumping them out over the entire floor and building houses, castles, boats and so much more. Encourage creativitiy with either of these building gifts depending on age.

Mega Bloks and Lego's

4. Water Games. I used to spend hours on these games and water puzzles. These are a great toy for kids to use during a quiet time, without having to me glued to a screen.

water game

5. Tea Set. Dress up and enjoy a tea party with your little lady. This cute tea set comes with this case to keep all the components together when not partying.

tea set

6. Bead Maze. This used to be a waiting room stand by. I remember waiting for the dentist or doctor and playing with this fun developmental toy. Perfect for young kids.  

Bead Maze

7. Doll House. I remember finding a doll house hidden in my dad’s shop when I was young. He told me it was for my cousin. I believed him until I received it as a gift. Dolls and a doll house are a fun way to use imagination.

Doll House

8. Rocking Horse. What a great way to have fun and get rid of some energy. Kids are sure to have a fun time on this fancy rocking horse. 

Rocking Horse

9. Wagons. A wagon is a classic toy that is practical too. Use it to haul around kids or let the kids haul around all there fun stuff outside.


10. Lite Bright. I used to envy my friends who had Lite Brights. Perfect gift for a child who loves to create works of art.

lite bright

11. Easy Bake Oven. Now in multiple colors!!! For your little chef help them whip up mini creations with the help of an Easy Bake Oven. I can still taste cute little cookies from mine.

easy bake

12. Marble Run. This is such a fun toy. I am hoping my mom still has this at her house, because I want to play with it again. Kids will love to watch the marbles go down the track over and over.

Marble Run

13. View Master. This might seem a little less technologically advanced, but the cool look of the View Master is sure to impress.

view master

14. Spirograph. For the artsy child again, or even the not so artsy child. Perfect to create cool designs using lots of bright colors.


15. Wooden Trains. Wooden toys look so classic and they last a lot longer than some of the alternatives. 

wooden train


I know there are so many classic toys. What are your favorites that you want to share with your kids? I’d love to add them to the list!!!


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